Best Spray Gun for Small Compressor [Buying Guide] 2022

Spray guns are essential tools that are used to evenly distribute paint, lacquer, and other substances on different kinds of surfaces. For painting vehicles, furniture, and machinery, these are accessible as portable systems.

Now, these can be used for many different purposes other than painting. Starting from home customizations to refurbishments, you can do anything if you have the right kind of spray gun.

Whether you want to customize your new automobile or touch up old furniture, we’ve got you covered. Here, we will discuss everything you need to know to find the best spray gun for the small compressors.

Let’s begin.


TCP Global Professional HVLP Spray Gun

TCP Global G6600-25 Spray Gun

  • 2.5 mm Fluid Tip
  • 1 Liter Aluminum Cup
  • An air Regulator
  • 2 different gun options
  • 6 different nozzle options

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Campbell Hausfeld General Purpose HVLP Paint Spray Gun

Campbell Hausfeld DH580000AV

  • 20 ounce canister capacity
  • 2 in-line paint filters
  • 600 mL gravity feed
  • 4.0 SCFM at 40 PSI
  • Excellent value for money

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Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV General Purpose HVLP Paint Sprayer Gun

‎Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV

  • Heavy materials like enamel
  • Anti-drip canister
  • Cleaning up much easier
  • At 40 PSI
  • Minimal level of 7.0 SCFM

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8 Best Spray Gun for Small Compressor

After due consideration, we have incorporated various choices from different price points based on different categories of features. Let us plunge straight into the comprehensive analysis of the best spray guns available for small compressors on the market.

1. Best Overall: TCP Global Professional HVLP Spray Gun

For our first choice today, we’ve got a spray gun that performs possibly the best with small air compressors. Besides, even when treating dense materials, it works just as smoothly.

TCP Global Professional HVLP Spray Gun

In fact, the TCP Global Professional HVLP Spray Gun can be used to spray a range of rather dense materials, including polyester primers, heavy enamels, gel coats, latex paints, and more. This level of performance is possible due to the 2.5 mm fluid tip of the spray gun.

Apart from the 2.5 mm fluid tip, the spray gun features a 1-liter aluminum cup and an air regulator. This means that the sprayer has a large cup and can be used when working on large projects. And, you’re not going to have to make a few tips, which can save time. 

Since it is equipped with a highly configurable control function, you have additional control while working on your task. You are at liberty to regulate a variety of factors, including air pressure and spray pattern. In addition, it also means that you choose an air pressure environment that fits best for compact air compressor.

As for spraying, you’ll always get a smooth spray pattern. This spray gun is a perfect alternative for a professional finish.

✓ Pros

  • Functions well for hard materials, including steel flakes, polyester coatings, and latex paints
  • Has a large cup capacity that makes it possible to work on big projects
  • Ensures a consistent spray pattern for advanced finishing
  • Packed with completely interchangeable control knobs to regulate the airflow and spray pattern

✕ Cons

  • Doesn’t include additional seals

2. Best Budget: Campbell Hausfeld General Purpose HVLP Paint Spray Gun

Now, we have the ultimate budget option for you. If you’re looking for the best spray gun under $100, this is the best you can find on the market right now.

Campbell Hausfeld General Purpose HVLP Paint Spray Gun

From Campbell Hausfeld, this sprayer is potentially the best option for small air compressors since it takes just 4.0 SCFM at 40 PSI. Besides, this gravity feed spray gun doesn’t require a great deal of air pressure, so it operates well enough with small compressors.

Manufactured with a simple mechanism, it’s very easy to operate. You will easily learn how to use it properly and even achieve a professional finish. Since this spray gun is uncomplicated, it makes the perfect choice for all kinds of people, including experts, home users, and beginners.

Two of the most noteworthy characteristics of this Campbell Hausfeld Paint Spray Gun include its precise atomization and minimal overspray. The sprayer allows you complete control of the spray pattern and air pressure to achieve a flawless finish.

And with this spray gun, you can find the right atmosphere for your task quite conveniently. This budget-friendly alternative is packed with advanced features, so be sure to check it out.

✓ Pros

  • Comes at a very affordable price point
  • Allows complete regulation of spray pattern and air pressure
  • Ensures a smooth and seamless finish
  • Requires little care and is easy to clean up after
  • Provides excellent value for money

✕ Cons

  • Doesn’t have any notable drawback

3. Best for automobile: Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV

Up next, we have another exceptional spray gun, which can be used not only for automobile customization and restoration but also for furniture refurbishments and more.

Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV General Purpose HVLP Paint Sprayer Gun

Ever since 836, Campbell Hausfeld has been making premium items to help you complete your designs like a professional. The company currently produces a full range of air compressors, air appliances and accessories, paint guns, and more.

And the Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV General Purpose HVLP Paint Sprayer Gun is one such example. For most spraying tasks, it offers a satisfying result and has a dynamic spray pattern of about 9 inches and treats heavy materials like enamel, primer, paint, and urethane.

In addition, it includes an anti-drip canister that makes cleaning up much easier. This sprayer uses an air compressor which, at 40 PSI, can produce a minimal level of 7.0 SCFM.

It has a flow monitoring system that controls the volume of sprayed paint, managing to minimize the use of paint by 20-30 percent and maintaining precise results as well.

If you’re new to using a spray gun, this is a good option for you.

✓ Pros

  • Configured with an anti-drip canister to reduce clean-up
  • Serves up to 9 inches of customizable spray pattern
  • Works with heavy materials such as enamel, primer and paint  
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Perfect for beginners and home users

✕ Cons

  • Only works well for smaller projects

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4. Best for water-based paint: Dynastus 20 oz. Professional

Our first product from Dynastus is one that works best with water-soluble paints. But that’s not all; they can also be used with a number of different spray paints.

Dynastus 20 oz. Professional Composite HVLP Air Spray Gun

Besides, this Dynastus Professional Composite Spray Gun has a 2 mm nozzle and a 20 oz cup, which makes it suitable for medium to big-sized projects. You can attempt all kinds of paint jobs with this sprayer.

But if you intend to work on smaller projects, you don’t need a spray gun with a canister as big as this. For you, the manufacturers have created a smaller and more compact sprayer that comes at a 4.2 oz size.

Furthermore, the spray gun also contains other parts and equipment that are necessary to make spraying more convenient at home. It comes with an additional spanner, wire brush, brush handle, quarter female plug, air regulator and helps you achieve the best possible outcome.

Designed with three adjustable anodized knobs, this sprayer allows precise control when working. The volume of painted material is managed by fluid control, the fan pattern size is controlled by pattern control, and the airflow is regulated by the air correction valve.

Basically, this sprayer not only guarantees flawless results but also facilitates your job.

✓ Pros

  • Has a compact and lightweight design
  • Includes a variety of tools and accessories to provide the best end result
  • Comes with 3 adjustable anodized knobs for proper air control
  • Helps achieve perfect atomization
  • Works best with water-based paints and a bunch of spray paints

✕ Cons

  • Not equipped to fit different sized nozzles

5. Best small and lightweight option: Astro EUROHV105

From a well-established company, we present to you our next spray gun, which is meant for small paint works. If you want a compact and lightweight option, this is the perfect option for you.

Astro EUROHV105 EuroPro Forged HVLP Spray Gun

Weighing only about a pound, this thing is not only lightweight and versatile; it is solid and durable as well.

For resistance to corrosion, it has an anodized body. And the plastic nature of the included cup makes it so light.

In addition, the passages have an internal coating for durability, and for a seamless result and quicker and easier maintenance, the needle and fluid surface are made of stainless steel.

As a matter of fact, this paint sprayer doesn’t require much maintenance or clean-up. They are easy to use and maintain, which makes them so great for beginners. All in all, this is one excellent spray gun if you’re willing to spend a little more.

Although the cup is plastic, it is durable. It can contain 600 ml of paint. While it might not be big enough for bigger projects due to the relatively small size, it is still great for working on all kinds of small and medium spraying tasks.

✓ Pros

  • Aligns well for thick paints and other substances
  • Has an impressive 86 percent transmission performance rating
  • Can be found with nozzles of various sizes
  • Designed for beginners and home users

✕ Cons

  • Comes at a rather high price

6. Best for beginners: Le Lematec HVLP Paint Spray Gun

Now, this spray gun from Le Lematec is an amazing product. It makes an excellent option for new users at home.

Le Lematec HVLP Paint Spray Gun

Le Lematec is a renowned manufacturer that currently features some of the finest air equipment and accessories. With a specialized team of engineers and their ingenious minds, they have come up with strong pneumatic equipment with uncompromising quality and reliability.

And, this very model is an exceptional spray gun. In order to have total precision, it is completely engineered with advanced technologies. You will get a 1.4 mm nozzle with the paint sprayer that is suitable for automobile paint, retouching, and mainly household application.

Since the nozzle is on the smaller side, it is not designed for pieces or enamels that are thick. But for making base coats, clear coats, and all kinds of light layers and touchups, it is fantastic.

Finally, for both air and substance spraying, this paint gun has a control knob with two stages. You can use those to get precise spray patterns and finishes.

✓ Pros

  • Comes in a super compact and lightweight form 
  • Fits smoothly with simple air compressors and guarantees a smooth finish
  • Includes a 2-stage mechanism to accommodate both air and substance spraying
  • Conceived to be solvent-proof
  • Can be used for all kinds of spray paint jobs

✕ Cons

  • Doesn’t include air regulators

7. Best for medium-sized projects: DEWALT DWMT70777

Next, we have a budget-friendly option for you. With this sprayer, you can achieve all sorts of small to medium-sized projects quickly and smoothly.

DEWALT DWMT70777 HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Weighing about 2.4 pounds, this gun is another small and lightweight option. Due to the intuitive nature of this thing, you can spend extra shifts without getting exhausted.

Owing to the lightweight design of this one, you can be assured that this paint gun can supply you with services that will last you a long period of time.

Besides, this DEWALT sprayer includes an aluminum cup, and since it has a capacity of 600 ccs, it is most appropriate for small and medium-sized projects. So, this spray gun can be used comfortably with all sorts of furniture and car paintings.

It also has a relatively basic interface and overall simple mechanism that makes it convenient to use. Although somewhat extra cleaning and maintenance are needed, you can use it rather effectively. It makes the best choice for both experts and newcomers.

You can opt to deal with various styles of paint, and you can still have a sleek and even finish. It is not intended for large programs, though.

Basically, if you want a small and compact gun to spray paint small or medium objects, this is a great option for you. Also, if you are on a budget and need a high-end sprayer, this one is for you, too!

✓ Pros

  • Has extreme duty aluminum construction
  • Comes with a pretty big cup that can accommodate 600 cc
  • Can be used for both small and medium-sized projects
  • Accessible at a fair price range

✕ Cons

  • Requires extra maintenance and cleaning

8. Best for low-density materials: Dynastus 20 oz. Professional

Today’s last option is also from Dynastus. It is a great contender if you’re interested in working with low-density materials like base coats, clear coats, and single-stage urethanes.

Dynastus 20 oz. Professional Composite HVLP Air Spray Gun

Much like the previous option from this manufacturer, this is a great spray gun. Not only does this sprayer promise perfect performance, but it also encourages you to finish the work.

With three interchangeable anodized knobs, it is constructed to allow precise control while operating. Fluid control determines the quantity of the painted material, the size of the fan pattern is managed by pattern control, and the airflow is monitored by the air correction mechanism.

Besides, it also includes the necessary tools and accessories to help you with your painting task.

Here, the nozzle size is the only significant difference. Unlike the other option, this one is compatible with a 1.4 mm nozzle. So, you can’t use this sprayer for thicker painting or coating.

Designed for lighter materials, this spray gun does a terrific job when it comes to working on the base or clear coats, or even single-stage urethanes.

✓ Pros

  • Comes with a 600 cc aluminum canister, making it great for small and medium paint jobs
  • Optimal for high volume paint jobs like industrial work, car refurbishment, and more
  • Creates a seamless technical finish with a completely atomized and clear spray pattern
  • Can be used to spray all light and medium density materials, like primers, base coats, and enamels
  • Available at a very reasonable price point

✕ Cons

  • Not appropriate for latex paints

Before You Buy Spray Gun for Small Compressor What to Look for

Before you make a decision, you should consider some important factors, so you don’t end up stuck with the wrong product. Although the spray guns mentioned in this article are highly qualified, they are not all ideal for you.

So, check out the following factors and make your decisions accordingly.

Purpose of Use: First, you need to decide what you intend to do with the spray gun. If you want to work on small home projects, go with the smaller capacity options. The same goes for large garage projects. But if you are unsure, assume that you will need the most in terms of all factors and make your decisions based on that.

Size of Cup: Now, let us check out the actual features of the spray guns. Start by checking out the size of the cup attached to the spray gun. Some spray guns have large cups to accommodate a good quantity of paint or other substances, but others have relatively smaller cups. For instance, one option on the list comes with a cup that can accommodate up to 1 later worth of substance, whereas most have the capacity to hold about 600 ml.

Quality of Needle & Fluid Tip: You also have to make sure both the needle and fluid tip are made from strong stainless steel. If they’re not made from durable material, there is a high chance that they will fall apart soon.

Size of Nozzle: Check out the size of the nozzle. If you want to work with thick paint, enamel, or other dense substances, opt for a bigger-sized nozzle. As for base coats, clear coats, or light layers, you can go for the smaller ones.

Spray Pattern: Most great paint guns have ergonomic control knobs that can be used to regulate airflow. This allows you to obtain precise spray patterns by allowing you to switch between different modes of control. With sprayers like this, you don’t have to worry about or over spraying or wasting paint.


What is the ideal pressure for the best spray gun for a small compressor?

Different spray guns require different pressure levels from 15 to 40 psi for smooth painting, depending on compressor size. It is best for spray guns to have 25 to 29 psi for a better painting experience, but you will need to make some compromises for small compressors.

The proper functioning of the spray gun for a small compressor required a pressure range between 15 to 20 psi., But you will need to do some regular adjustments for smooth performance, such as shading, touch-up, thinning the paint, and Airbursting.

Can you use a spray gun with a small compressor?

Yes, spray guns work seamlessly; even with small compressors, you can get done most of the DIY jobs. 

If you succeed in providing enough psi and cfm, you can get a smooth and professional finish even with a small compressor. 

The small compressor can deliver 15 to 20 psi of air pressure, which is fine for most DIY and some professional projects.

Which is the best type of air compressor for spray painting?

There are several types of air compressors used for spray paintings. Spray guns can work with 10 CFM, but a compressor with at least 12 CFM and psi 26-29 is the best air compressor for spray painting.

What is the best size of compressor for spray painting?

The recommended compressor size for spray painting is 40 to 50 gallons for professional projects, and 20 to 30 gallons are enough for DIY projects. The best compressor size for spray painting is 50 gallons with 7.5 CFM at 40 psi.

What are the price ranges for the best hvlp paint sprayers?

Hvlp paint sprayers are available from $50 to $300 range. The higher-end hvlp sprayers offer excellent, advanced features perfect for professional projects. 

While the hvlp sprayer’s lower-end prices are handheld, they are suitable for DIY projects.

What is the required compressor size for a hvlp spray gun?

Gallon size is vital for the smooth performance of hvlp spray guns. Hvlp sprayers’ compressors come in several sizes, from 15 to 50 gallons. 

For commercial projects, 40 to 50 gallons of compressors are used, while for DIY projects, you should have at least 20 gallons of compressor for the hvlp sprayer to work consistently.

What big size of an air compressor do you need for an lvlp spray gun?

Lvlp sprayers are excellent for DIY projects; you can connect them from 6 to 60 gallons. 6 to 10 gallons compressors are used for the DIY projects for an lvlp spray gun. 

If you want smooth performance, it is good to use 20 gallons for DIY projects; you will need to refill the compressor again and again when the DIY project is a little longer than average and you have 6 to 10 gallons of the compressor.

What is the smallest compressor for painting a car?

The best-recommended compressor size for a car painting should be 50 gallons or more. It will provide 14 to 18 CFM and 10 to 15 psi air pressure, which is perfect for a good finish. 

But if you are not a professional, a 30 gallons compressor can also be used for car painting projects. Never use less than 30 gallons; otherwise, you will need to refill it again and again.

Will a 3-gallon air compressor run a paint gun?

Yes, a paint gun can work with 3 gallons of air compressor. It is refined using a 3 gallons air compressor for painting tires or other small parts of the car. 

A 3 gallons air compressor can be used for small projects; otherwise, you will need to repeatedly refill.

Can you paint a car with a single-stage air compressor?

You can paint a car with a single-stage air compressor, but 15-18 CFM should be at 90 psi for car painting. 

Single-stage air compressors may provide enough pressure, but it gives less pressure than double-stage air compressors, which may not provide enough pressure.

Final Words

In order to get exceptional quality results when it comes to spray paint, you need to invest in a quality spray gun first. You will be able to find the best spray gun for a small compressor if you properly follow our buying guide.



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