About Us

A place you can rely on. We talk tools here. And no, we are not just another affiliate site looking to make some cash while providing you with BS reviews.

We mean business. This is a site created to serve a specific purpose. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we will stick with only one.

From indoor tools to outdoors, crafting to automotive, you will see our passion for tools. And we are not alone here, either. We collaborate with other users to give you the best possible tool experience.

Feel free to post your own homemade tools you have made or found. You can even share resources related to tools to all your fellow tool homies.

Why Us?

The thing about tools is that we all use them. In each and every trade, you are bound to use some. That is why you will see a lot of tool enthusiasts’ community talking about them.

This community is strong. The members are active. You will see hobbyists and professionals coming together, sharing their plans, experiences with different tools, dissing some brands, giving shout outs to the genuine ones, etc.

So, what makes us unique? Nothing. We aren’t trying to give you anything new. This community isn’t about competing. It’s all about blending right in.

You can, however, get advice about the best tools for your trade. That way, you won’t end up spending money on the wrong products.

What Do We Do?

We listen; listen to what professionals and enthusiasts are saying. And we follow them, do all the hard work, collect data, and present them in a simple, beginner-friendly manner in this site.

If you have questions about which tools to use for a job or buy, just leave us a message. On second thought, why not check out the posts we publish here?

From dentistry tools to pneumatic tools to hand tools to power tools, we love them all. Each and every one of them are useful and awesome.

We will provide you with resources that will help you find quality made, durable, and practical tools, made to last.

Most of the tool reviewers out there talk about quality and not usability. You don’t want to buy an awesome, really good quality tool and have a hard time using it.

Usability matters, and we will provide you with information that will have the best of both worlds.

Fun Fact

If you are new to this industry, here are some tips that will get you on track.

Did you know that Stanley Black & Decker is the parent company of Black & Decker, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Mac Tools, Stanley, Craftsman, Irwin/Vice Grip & Bostitch?

Interesting right? This single company is dominating the power tools industry. However, there is also another company that can go head to head with Stanley Black & Decker.

Techtronic owns Milwaukee, Ryobi, Hoover, DirtDevil, and Bissell. These two giants practically own the power tools industry.

On the other hand, the outdoor tools industry has some pretty good competition going on. Giants like Husqvarna, Robert Bosch GmbH, JPW Industries Inc, Makita, Hitachi, Globe Tools Group, Positec Tool Corporation are competing in the market for domination.

That being said, if you want to know more about tools, bookmark this site, and subscribe to our newsletter.