Best Slide Hammer Dent Puller [Repair Your Own Car] 2022

My first dent-pulling incident occurred when I was a teenager, and the bumper of my mother’s Dodge Neon ended up hugging a payphone post accidentally. Using a little suction cup-type puller, the resulting dent was too large to draw out, and even with a larger version, it remained stubborn, only to be pulled out with a slide hammer-type puller.

The Orion Motor Tech 9-Way slide hammer Puller Set and the XtremepowerUS 13LBS hammer dent puller are two of the best slide hammer dent puller kits available. These hammers are the most highly recommended since they may be employed in various situations and materials. Their accessibility is a significant advantage of these pullers.

Do-it-yourself dent pulling, also known as paintless dent repair, has made great strides since then. Instruments like these can be affordable and handle all but the most severe dings, knicks, and accidents. Continue reading for tips on choosing the ideal puller for your needs.

Orion Motor Tech 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set

Orion Motor Tech 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set

XtremepowerUS 13LBS Dent Puller w/Slide Hammer

XtremepowerUS 13LBS Dent Puller w/Slide Hammer

WiMAX TOOLS 13pc 10Lb Dent Puller Slide Hammer

WiMAX TOOLS AUTOMOTIVE 13pc Comprehensive 10Lb Dent Puller Slide Hammer

The Best Slide Hammer Dent Puller

1. Orion Motor Tech 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set

The 9-way Slide Hammer Puller Set from Orion Motor Tech can be an excellent choice for you. It is able to do various pulling jobs effortlessly.

Let’s have a closer look at the key features and functions of the Orion Motor Tech Hammer Puller set.

Orion Motor Tech 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set


A range of pulling applications is made possible by the Orion 9-way Motor Tech slide hammer puller set. The weight of the Hammer Puller Set is 4 lbs, which tells how sturdy the toolkit is.

These applications include pulling dents and other press-fit items from rear flange-type axles and the front wheel with drive hubs which includes the bearings, gears, bushing, and pulleys, among many others.

Instructions for newbies

Are you making your first attempt to replace disc brake pads? Take comfort in knowing that everything will be OK with the Orion Motor Tech.

The package includes a specific parts diagram and step-by-step instructions to make the piston wind-back process easier to do. I found it easy to understand, and you should too.


Orion Motor Tech Hammer Puller is constructed of durable carbon alloy steel and the components of chrome steel vanadium that can endure any drops of accident and years of intensive use without rusting or cracking. 

This Hammer Puller set is constructed of ultra-strong carbon steel and chrome-plated steel. It provides these components with the tough durability to withstand rust and corrosion over months of intensive use and accidental drops – making it ideal for professional mechanics.


Various puller combinations are available, including 2- and 3-jaw pullers for internal and external operations, a bearing puller, and a seal puller.

Cross blocks with two and three ways and a cone-type puller provide the ideal jaw configuration for the majority of jobs.


To provide you with a free shopping experience, it offers a one-year warranty with a 100 percent free exchange policy in case the item or product is found to be defective.

Do not forget to use the carrying case you get with the package. It helps to keep the dent puller kit in good condition.

Things I liked:

  • The puller set is strong, well-built, and highly durable.
  • Pulling bearings, hubs, and other things is quite easy.
  • The instructions in the user manual are easy to understand for everyone.
  • A carrying case is included in this set that helps them last longer and also keeps them safe.

Things I don’t like

  • It is not a good choice for heavy-duty pulling works.

2. XtremepowerUS 13LBS Dent Puller w/Slide Hammer

XtremepowerUS is an excellent suction cup dent puller that removes dents from the automotive body without removing the inside panel and upholstery. 

XtremepowerUS 13LBS Dent Puller w/Slide Hammer


Heavy grade drop and forged carbon fiber construction, treated and tempered with oxide to withstand corrosion and rust for enhanced durability. It also has a solid steel shaft with chamfered handle providing a secure grip. 

A very long shaft offers a more powerful thrust which makes it ideal for the entire home use and professional use. A solid steel shaft with chamfered handle for a solid sure grip and a lengthy shaft offers a more powerful pull.

Knurled Handle

If you want to produce a good amount of power, you will need a longer handle. XtremepowerUS dent repair puller comes with a long shaft that enables you to carry out challenging jobs pretty quickly.

Its solid steel shaft also offers an excellent grip. Overall, the high-quality ergonomics of the handles offer the best dent repair experience.


The XtremepowerUS dent puller comes with a plastic case for storing the puller. You can keep all the accessories inside the box in an organized way. It also protects the dent puller set from the harsh environment outside and keeps it corrosion-free. 

The versatile puller assortment allows you to perform different pulling and pounding activities with ease.


The handles are blue, and the materials have a silver finish. It looked pretty cool to me. You will have a premium feel holding the dent repair set in your hands.

It has a Slide Weight of 13lbs, a slide pole diameter of one inch, and a side pole length of twenty-four inches. These specs ensure that you get excellent pulling power with the tool.

Things I liked

  • Designed to eliminate car dents, it fixes them without damaging the internal panel and upholstery.
  • Drop forging steel hooks, heavy-duty and sturdy pullers, and attachments.
  • A variety of attachments quickly pulls damaged or wrinkled sheet metals back to their original position.
  • The long shaft allows additional room, resulting in a tremendous force applied in hard-to-reach scratched regions, including door panels, fenders, side panels, and the top.
  • It has a portable carrying case which makes transportation easy.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The plastic quality of the storage box is not that great.

3. WiMAX TOOLS AUTOMOTIVE 13pc Comprehensive 10Lb Dent Puller Slide Hammer

If you are looking for a budget dent puller for your car or truck, WiMax Tools Automotive Car Dent Puller should be on the top of the list.

WiMAX TOOLS AUTOMOTIVE 13pc Comprehensive 10Lb Dent Puller Slide Hammer

Full set

The full set comes with a total of 13-piece accessories. You can do a wide range of pulling works comfortably with this slide hammer.

Hooks, lifters, and attachments are hardened steel drop steel plates. It is possible to use this dent puller set on almost any car or truck with a dent.

With so many toolkits, I have found the WiMax Dent Puller pretty comfortable to use. I love the fact that I do not need to purchase other tools as this one covers most auto body repair works.


The tool is used in removing dents for automotive repair work without removing the vehicle’s interior panels or upholsteries from the vehicle.

The construction of the dent puller is user-friendly. Whether you are a DIY dent puller guy or a professional mechanic, WiMax Slide Hammer will not disappoint you.


Slide hammer made of malleable steel, weighing 10 pounds. The weight is good enough for doing tough work. There is no way that you can bend it with your hands.

It also includes a plastic case for organizing and storage purposes as well. The red color box looks cool, and I know many of you will definitely love it.

Overall, this dent repair kit is a complete package.

Things I liked:

  • The price is low and affordable to everyone.
  • It has a professional design and is suitable for home and garage usage.
  • The quality of the materials used in the storage box is fantastic. It should last a long time.
  • It does all types of car dent repair and pulling jobs efficiently.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The grip may seem bulky to some people, and the quality is average.

4. 8MILELAKE Auto Truck Dent Puller Tool Set

8MILELAKE Dent Puller is an excellent tool to do heavy-duty pulling work comfortably.

8MILELAKE Auto Truck Dent Puller Tool Set


Construction is heavy-duty with drop-forged steel carbon. It has been tempered and handled with an oxide that is black in color to endure corrosion and rust to increase overall strength and durability.

Sliding hammer with a weight of 10lb and a silver plating for beauty. The sturdy construction ensures superior durability. Plus, the silver plating protects the dent removal kit from rust and corrosion to offer a long-lasting performance.

Ease of use

A solid steel rod with a chamfered handle for a secure grip is included. The long shaft provides a rather more powerful pull that you wouldn’t have got with a short shaft.

The overall ergonomics of the dent repair tool are user-friendly. This product is suitable for both household and business use. Removing both smaller dents and larger dents is effortless.


Paintless dent removal is not a dream anymore. This dent puller kit is suitable for the majority of automobiles and trucks. 

You can remove dents with this tool from vehicles without removing the vehicle’s interior panels and upholstery.

It can remove large dents effortlessly. Removing small dents may seem tough, but it gets the job done.

Extra components

The following items are included with this hammer dent removal kit: 

  • Washer
  • 1 handle
  • Hex tapping screw holder
  • 5pc hex taping adaptor
  • Connector hasp iron
  • Tapping screw
  • Double-barreled connector
  • 5-piece hasp iron
  • A hammer that consists of cast iron flat steel
  • A hex taping adaptor
  • A hex tapping screw holder, and 
  • A tapping screw

Things I liked:

  • The slide hammer feels heavy and is durable.
  • Working with this dent remover is easy even for newbies.
  • The 13-piece set is suitable for various automotive pulling jobs.
  • It repairs dents efficiently and quickly to save your time.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The hooks feel cheap and bend easily.

5. J&R Quality Tools Auto Body Repair Slide Hammer Set

If you are looking for a premium dent puller slide hammer, then the J&R Quality Tools Auto Body Repair Slide Hammer Set is probably the best choice for you.

J&R Quality Tools Auto Body Repair Slide Hammer Set


The dent puller set is made with heat-treated steel to ensure that it provides great strength. You can produce excellent power with minimal effort to repair car dents.

Plus, the heat-treated steel is quite durable too. It ensures long-lasting performance. Keep the slide hammer in the storage box when not in use. It will keep the slide hammer in good condition.


The slide hammer weighs 13 pounds. It gives you an idea about how strong the dent puller is. The weight balance is well distributed and feels comfortable in hand.

Plus, the long 24 inches handle adds extra strength to the auto body repair tool. You can get better results with it than any other dent removal tool.


This list is exclusively for the best slide hammer dent pullers. But these tools can do more than that. 

The hammer dent repair kit can be utilized in auto body restorations, non-damaging removals of dents and hubcaps, and other applications. Paintless dent repair is its specialty.

Things I liked:

  • The steel-made construction is sturdy and built to last long.
  • It is great for heavy-duty automotive work and will not break like cheap dent pullers.
  • It comes with all the necessary mounts you need for auto body repair.
  • It can remove dents from cars and trucks quickly and saves a lot of time.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The slide hammer dent puller is slightly expensive.

6. EWK 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set Front Wheel Hub & Rear Axle Dent Shaft Bearing Remover Tool Kit

The EWK Slide Hammer comes with all the essential tools you need for doing various ranges of auto body repair pulling works. Whether dealing with shallow dents or larger dents, EWK will not disappoint you.

EWK 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set Front Wheel Hub & Rear Axle Dent Shaft Bearing Remover Tool Kit

All-in-One Tool Kit 

I always prefer to purchase repair tools that offer maximum pieces. At first, you may feel some accessories are unnecessary, but if you have a car, you will need them later.

The EWK slide hammer comes with a total of 19-pieces tools. You can do almost every auto body repair-related work with this fantastic dent puller.


With the inclusion of two-legged and three-legged jaw taggers for external and internal work, users can create lots of combos in pulling axles, gears, bearings, and seals.

It is effective for the removal of CV axle and equipment hub bearing substitute applications, including front-wheel drive, bushings, bearings, and pulleys.

Extra Components

The adapter with a sure grip wrench and the seal puller hook are two examples of adapters that can be used to satisfy a wide range of pull-related applications.

The toolbox is easily transportable and well-organized, and it contains all of the gear you might require on a job site.


These components, forged from carbon steel premium, are corrosion-resistant and extremely durable when subjected to sliding movements that are severe.

It is designed for smooth operation; the five pound steel hammer is made of chrome steel vanadium and is ideal for use in a professional garage setting.


EWK Assurance – is a company that provides assurance. EWK provides you with high-quality tools and the best customer service, all backed by a 12-month warranty.

If you face any problem with the slide hammer dent repair kit within the first twelve months, contact the customer service team. They are quite responsive to warranty claims.

Things I liked:

  • Dent pulling works with this set is pretty easy for both newbies and professionals.
  • It repairs dent fast and gives your car body an intact look.
  • It can do tough dent pulling jobs efficiently.
  • It includes a wide range of auto body repair tools at an affordable price.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The storage box quality is average.

Buying Guide: Key Factors to Consider Before Buying a Slide Hammer

In cases where finding the best pulling hammer is tricky, consider the following factors:


How long can a hammer last matters a lot? You don’t need to buy a hammer that will last for just a month and get back to the shop looking for another one. Good quality stainless steel should perform well for a long time.


As we all know, cheap products are low quality. Thus, it is better to go for the best quality to avoid so many repairs on your hammer. Heavy and large dent pullers are usually of good quality and perform better than others.


Always choose a tool that can be used in various applications. Some dent pulling tools include a higher number of accessories for a wide range of repairing works. My suggestion will be to go with those models. This helps save on costs while doing other auto repairing works.

Ease of use

It would be best always to consider a tool that will be easy to use. This fastens the task and also makes it enjoyable.

Storage case

Honestly, I will not buy a slide hammer that doesn’t have a storage box with it. The tools have so many accessories. Storage boxes help to keep these accessories organized and safe.

Why is a Slide Hammer Dent Puller Needed?

Bumping cars in different places are not uncommon for car drivers. Such accidents often create dents on the car’s body. You may think that you need to change the whole paint, but that’s not necessary at all.

Slide hammers are frequently employed to retrieve dents, remove bearings, and even replace other components concerning car maintenance.  

Slide hammers and dent pullers are excellent at dent repair work. Even if the dent is larger, you will need not worry. I will list dent pullers that are suitable for both small and large dents.

However, they will not be able to eradicate dents and will only be able to produce an improved appearance as a result. On the other hand, these gadgets will not be of service in the case of significant angular dents or damage along the edges of the automobile’s bodywork.

Many people wonder if a dent can be pounded out with a hammer. This question has a simple answer: you must have access to both dent surfaces if you want to hammer out the damage. 

This includes both the underside and the outside surface of the building. It is necessary to remove door panels or fenders to access the damaged metal’s reverse side of the vehicle. 

Your hammering will be stabilized by the dolly, which will prevent tapping from occurring inside the dented region outside the sheet metal. Let’s see which slide hammer dent puller is the most effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of slide hammers?

A slide hammer is a vital instrument for technicians, mechanics, and even do-it-yourselfers who need to convey an impact force to a specific target. It is an essential piece of equipment that must be present in every workshop at any given time.

Can a dent be popped out of a plastic bumper?

The dent should come out easily if it is on the bumper (or another plastic part of your automobile). Simply pouring hot water into the tarnished area should do the trick. Pour boiling water on the dented area, reach behind the bumper, and press until the dent pops out, repeating the process a second time.

Is using the shrinking hammers effective?

It merely makes your job more difficult by hardening the steel. After allowing it to cool on its own, you can use a damp towel to quench it until you feel the panel again. 

“Shrinking hammers” and “shrinking dollies” are a complete waste of time. They are completely ineffective. You will be wasting both your cash and time if you do this.

How can a sharp dent be gotten from a car?

Heat the affected region with your dryer, a shotgun, or hot water to relieve the discomfort. Minor dents may be able to be popped out on their own if enough heat is applied to the area. 

If the depression won’t come out on its own, use a plastic tube or rubber hammer to lift or hammer it out of the way gently. YIYITOOLS Rubber Hammer is familiar as one of the best tools that can be a perfect choice for you. The 16oz rubber mallet With fiberglass Handle makes it easy to handle. 

Final verdict

I hope you were successful in searching for the best slide hammer dent puller. For those of you who are still perplexed, I recommend getting the Orion Motor Tech 9-Way slide hammer Puller Set. It is equipped with all of the necessary features, and the price is very competitive. It is the most cost-effective dent puller available.

I appreciate the longevity of this hammer and the fact that it is adaptable. Furthermore, it includes a case for storing the tools. You can also try the XtremepowerUS slide hammer Puller Set due to their sturdy construction and easy to handle features.

Also you want to do different ranges of auto body repair pulling works, my favorite is EWK 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set

For more information, you can do some research on the online platforms. This will help you gain some additional information that will help you choose the best slide hammer dent puller.



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