5 Best Hvlp Spray Gun For Air Compressor [Buying Guide]

HVLP Spray Guns are excellent options for DIY automotive painting projects. But the problem is, they overspray, and sometimes getting a perfect finish is tough. So, the question is, what would be the reliable solution to this problem? Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution.  Perhaps, a spray gun and an air compressor is your most possible choice to execute your painting job precisely and quickly. But what is the best hvlp spray gun for an air compressor? 

The best hvlp spray gun for air compressor is inexpensive, controllable, and enables you to get a professional finish. NEIKO, DEWALT, and Campbell Hausfeld have some of the top-rated automotive hvlp spray guns in the market. You can buy any one of them to meet your needs.

Today, we’ll review the top five best hvlp spray guns for air compressors available at present in the market. Then we will discuss some points that will help you to choose the best option for your automotive work.

Why Do You Need the Best Hvlp Spray Gun For Air Compressor?

The full form of HVLP is High Volume Low Pressure. As the name suggests, it works with high volume and low pressure, causing less overspray and a fine finish if you know how to use it.

If you have an air compressor in your home, you need the best hvlp spray gun for automotive paint because:


HVLP spray guns for air compressors are not very costly. Most good quality HVLP spray guns will cost you a maximum of $100, while some may cost higher if they come in a full set. Besides, DIY projects with HVLP paint spray can save you the cost of hiring professionals.


The high volume, low-pressure mechanism allows you to paint faster compared to other traditional sprayers. It saves you a lot of your time.

Low waste

One of the key reasons to avoid other average quality sprayers is they have a problem of overspray. But HVLP sprayers have no such issues, and the waste is minimal.

Professional finish

The HVLP working process ensures that you get an even and fantastic spray pattern. You can get a professional finish on your car or bike comfortably all by yourself.

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The Best Hvlp Spray Gun For Air Compressor

1. NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint Gun

NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint Gun

NEIKO HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint Gun is a high-quality spray gun specifically made for DIY projects. If you have a quality air compressor, getting this fantastic hvlp paint sprayer can be your best decision for painting automotive.

Control valves

It has three control valve knobs for better control over your painting to have more precise results. You can control the pressure level and air level to determine the viscosity of the coat of paint.

Full set

This HVLP Spray Gun comes in a full set with an aluminum cup, metal-air gauge, nozzle, cleaning brush, and wrench. The aluminum cup has a lid to avoid accidentally spilling paints.

Nozzle variety

The NEIKO HVLP Spray Gun offers different sizes of nozzles. You do not need to pay unnecessarily for the options. You can buy one or multiple sizes of nozzles based on your usage. 1.0mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1.7mm, and 2.0mm are your options.


  • High-quality materials: All the tools in the set are made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability. The main body is rust proof steel, and the nozzle is stainless steel.
  • Low waste: Most larger hvlp paint sprayers cause a lot of paint waste. But the smaller size of the NEIKO HVLP Spray Gun causes minimal wastage.
  • Less clog, easy cleaning: Unlike most other automotive paint spray guns in this budget, it attracts less clog. Consequently, the cleaning process is effortless.
  • Perfect spray pattern: If you want an excellent spray pattern on your car or bike, then NEIKO will never disappoint you. Its high-quality fluid tips ensure a perfect spray pattern on all surfaces.


  • Noisy trigger: The trigger may make noises during working.
  • Flimsy fluid cup: The fluid cup may feel flimsy to you and looks bendable. Although, it works fine and is unlikely to break.

Tip: Heat the area around the nozzle if you find it hard to disassemble the first time. Use a breaker bar after heating to remove the nozzle easily.

2. DEWALT HVLP Spray Gun, Gravity Feed

DEWALT HVLP Spray Gun, Gravity Feed

DEWALT is a well-known brand to produce high-quality equipment, and this gravity feed HVLP spray gun from them is no different. It’s a mini spray gun and perfect for personal usage.

1.5mm nozzle

It comes with a 1.5mm nozzle to spray paint with different viscosity. You can maintain the perfect thickness of the painting of your car to make it look more fascinating.

600cc Aluminum paint cup

The DEWALT HVLP Spray Gun also has a 600cc aluminum paint cup, which is large enough to hold a good amount of paints. Besides, the aluminum material makes the paint cup long-lasting too.

Diaphragm air regulator

The air regulator is of the diaphragm model, and it allows you to stop and hold air pressure. It helps to prevent any air leaks.


  • Well-designed trigger: The ergonomics of the hvlp paint sprayer trigger is so well designed that it is comfortable to use. Overall ergonomics of the spray gun is made to fit your hand well to give you a convenient painting experience.
  • Flawless painting: The paint spray flow is excellent and ensures that the quote is even everywhere to produce a professional finish.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible well with different sizes of air compressors. No matter what size compressor you have, you can use DEWALT HVLP Spray Gun seamlessly.


  • Clogging: The spray gun clogs quickly, and you will need to clean it frequently.

Tip: Do not use air hoses smaller than ⅜” or it will prevent air from getting into the spray gun.

3. Campbell Hausfeld General Purpose HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Spray Gun

Campbell Hausfeld General Purpose HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Spray Gun

Campbell Hausfeld HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun can be a perfect choice for DIY projects if you have a good size air compressor. This is a great tool for painting automotive products, but you can use it for other purposes too.

Gravity Feed design

The spray gun is engineered with a unique gravity feed design. It reduces the number of wastes in the canister, making the cleaning process quite easy for everyone.

Canister capacity

The canister capacity is 20 ounces, which enables you to use the hvlp paint sprayer uninterrupted, making the high volume low-pressure spray gun highly efficient.

Fan pattern

The tip produces 1.5 inches to 9-inch fan pattern to maintain a superior quality spray pattern and fascinating finishing.


  • Precision: The threads in this hvlp paint sprayer are well designed and perfectly cut. Making small adjustments is fairly easy, and the precision is also excellent.
  • Easy cleaning: Clean the hvlp paint sprayer after every usage to get optimum performance. The cleaning process is quite easy, even if you are a new user of HVLP Spray Guns.
  • Even spray pattern: It gives an even spray pattern all over your vehicle’s body to give it a shining look. The pattern is strong and has a perfect finish.
  • No clogging: No matter how much you use this excellent spray gun, the amount of clog is near zero. You can comfortably paint for longer without needing to clean the inside of the HVLP Spray Gun.


  • Not suitable with a small compressor: If you have a large compressor, nothing can beat the Campbell Hausfeld. But it will not give a good result if your compressor is small.
  • Poor air control: The air control valve is of low quality and often results in inconsistent air pressure.

4. TCP Global Complete Professional HVLP Spray Gun Set

TCP Global Complete Professional HVLP Spray Gun Set

TCP Global Complete Professional HVLP Spray Gun Set is an excellent entry-level spray gun set with a total of 9 tools. You can achieve professional-level automotive finishes with these fantastic hvlp paint sprayers.

Full set

The full set has nine different tools, including HVLP Touch up spray gun, HVLP Primer spray gun, HVLP Topcoat spray gun, air pressure regulator, fluid cups, hex wrench, spanner wrenches, and filter brushes.

Versatile fluid tip gun

It comes with three sizes of fluid tip guns, 1mm, 1.4mm, and 1.8mm. They work excellently for primer & latex coatings, base coats, different levels of viscosity, and more. You can use a 1mm fluid tip gun for tighter areas of your car.

Locking air pressure regulator

The locking air pressure regulator works at 0-180 psi pressure limit and 1-12 bar. It helps to maintain the accuracy of patterns and viscosity while painting.

Atomized spray patterns

The HVLP spray guns provide fully atomized spray patterns. That means regardless of coatings you prefer you will get a professional finish.


  • Easy to clean: These spray guns work best when you clean them before and after usage. The cleaning process also is quite easy. Use the tools that come with the package to set apart the hvlp paint sprayer. Then clean them and paint like a pro.
  • Value for money: Considering the items you receive and the price, one can easily say TCP Global Spray Gun Set is the best automotive hvlp spray gun for the money.
  • Accuracy: When you set volume and pressure correctly, you can expect an accurate output. The level of viscosity and spray patterns are pretty accurate, providing you with a perfect finish.


  • Low-quality air regulator: The air regulator works fine but could be better. If you purchase an extra high-quality air regulator, you will get better results.
  • Poor packaging: The packaging needs improvement as customers often receive products with everything messed up inside the box.

5. Cartman HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

Cartman HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

If you feel uncomfortable working with bulky tools, Cartman HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun is what you need. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price too with outstanding performance.

3-Control knob

It has fluid control, pattern control, and air adjustment built-in knobs. They ensure the perfect amount of paint sprayed, the pattern size, and maintain necessary airflow to provide a superior finishing.

Build materials

The aluminum gun body and solid brass cup provide excellent durability, while the stainless steel nozzle prevents rust. The air regulator is high-quality metal, and the filter is sturdy plastic.

1.4mm fluid cup

The package comes with a 1.4mm fluid cup with a 360-degree adjustable cap. It is a perfect choice for painting your car or bike with different levels of viscosity.


  • Pattern consistency: The consistency level of the spray pattern is commendable. It results in a perfect finish, giving your automotive a fantastic outlook.
  • Lightweight design: The materials are thin and lightweight. As a result, you will find it easy to hold and convenient to use. Although lightweight, the materials are sturdy and long-lasting.
  • No orange peel: Orange peels after spraying is a common problem with low-budget spray guns. But the good thing is, Cartman HVLP Spray Gun has no such issues, and the paint looks awesome on vehicles.
  • Enough pressure: The pressure level is decent enough to help you to paint quite fast. You can adjust the pressure level as per your need for a more convenient working experience.


  • Cloggy: Sometimes, it gets clogged fast, and you will require cleaning before further usage.
  • Poor atomization: Some units of the spray gun had poor atomization, but most of the time, it worked fine.

Tip: Clean the spray gun with mineral spirit before using the first time and after every usage to get the best results.

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying HVLP Spray Gun for Air Compressor

Different HVLP spray guns come with different facilities and functions. Not every option might be suitable for your automotive painting projects.

Some of the key factors to consider before buying an HVLP spray gun for the best air compressor are:


Not all HVLP spray guns are compatible with all air compressors. If you have large air compressors, then you do not need to worry. They are suitable with all HVLP sprayers. But if you have a smaller compressor, find a hvlp paint sprayer that is compatible with it.

Easy maintenance

All HVLP sprayers require cleaning before the first usage and after every use. It’s essential that you find a model that clogs less and the cleaning process is easier. Purchase HVLP spray guns that come with wrenches to disassemble the equipment easily.


The flexibility of making adjustments is also essential to get a perfect finish. Ensure that the HVLP paint spray gun you are buying has fluid control, air pressure control, and spray pattern control options.

Sprayer nozzles variety

Some HVLP spray guns have only a one-purpose sprayer nozzle. If that fits your needs, you are good to go. But it is better to buy HVLP spray guns with an option to get a variety of spray nozzles at extra cost.

Fluid cup capacity

You also need to consider the capacity of the fluid cup. However, 600cc is more than enough for automotive painting projects.


How big of an air compressor do I need for a HVLP spray gun?

Most HVLP spray guns consume a lot of air, and that’s why using larger size air compressors are recommended. You will need at least 3HP and 20-gallon tank size of air compressors for a perfect finish. In the case of CFM, 12 CFM is more than enough.

How do I choose a spray gun for my air compressor?

When you choose a spray gun for your compressor, you need to consider the compatibility. Large-size air compressors work best with spray guns. But if your air compressor is smaller, you need to research deep to find one spray gun that fits your air compressor requirements.

Can I use a HVLP spray gun with an air compressor?

Yes, you can use an HVLP spray gun with an air compressor. However, the compressor needs to be large enough to support the HVLP paint sprayer. Using a small air compressor may not give you desired results.

What is the best spray gun for a small compressor?

TCP Global Professional HVLP Spray Gun is one of the best spray guns for a small compressor. It has different sizes of fluid tip guns that make it applicable for versatile use and also compatible with different sizes of air compressors.

What is better: HVLP or LVLP?

HVLP offers an excellent quality finishing with minimal waste, while LVLP is better for atomization. Both of these spray guns work outstanding, but a perfect combination of HVLP spray gun and air compressor offers better performance.

Final Verdict

When choosing the best hvlp spray gun for air compressor, keep in mind the factors we have discussed above.

If you are still confused and ask about our opinion, we will recommend the Campbell Hausfeld HVLP Paint Spray Gun for people with a tight budget. Although it is inexpensive, the performance of this model has been satisfactory. NEIKO HVLP Air Spray Paint Gun is overall the best HVLP spray gun for air compressors as per our test and research. It has all adjustment features, clogging is minimal, and you also have options to select a variety of nozzle sizes.



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