10 Best Clamp Meter for Electricians of 2022 (Buying Guide)

Being in the HVAC industry, it’s hard for an electrician to work without a multimeter. At times, what’s needed more than just a meter, is a handy tool for a quick voltage check. That’s where clamp meters come into play.

A combination of digital multimeter and a clamp – these meters make it extremely easy for you to take a quick reading of the current from an AC source. For HVAC personnel, having the most advanced one is a must.

That’s why we are here in quest for the best clamp meter for electricians. Yes, it’s hard to extract a few units out of tons of options, but we did our best to make it easy for you to decide.

Hang on till the end to find out what we have in our pack!

10 Best Clamp Meter for Electricians Reviews

We went through a lot of meters to sort the 10 most useful devices for an electrician. Also, we have used multiple parameters to make sure our choice doesn’t include anything that’s not worth your bucks. Follow the reviews to find out more!

1. Best Choice – Klein Tools CL110KIT

For over a hundred years, Klein has been manufacturing some of the best electric meters for the HVAC industry. Klein claims the badge for bringing in devices with accuracy and quality.

The CL110KIT is no different. It can measure AC current using the clamp on it. Plus, if you use the test leads, you can measure resistance and AC/DC voltage, as well.

Klein Tools CL110KIT

It comes with a functional line splitter that makes it easy for the device to measure the current-drawn up to 15 Amp. That, too, without splitting the power cord of the load.

The CL110KIT can detect the most common wiring problems of households and industries in the US. You can rely on the measuring ability of it for literally any wiring around you.

As for safety, this gadget comes with a Category III 600V, Class 2 safety standard, making it extremely safe to use.

Working with the machine in darker places is no issue at all, as the device comes with a backlit display on it. You can easily take the readings whether you are outdoor under sunlight or indoor in dark areas.


  • Measures AC current with the clamp and DC with test leads
  • Comes with CAT III 600V, Class 2 safety
  • Includes a durable case for safety
  • Backlit display for easy visibility of the reading
  • Detects most common problems in the households


  • Doesn’t use True-RMS technology

2. Best Budget Pick – AstroAI Digital Clamp Meter

Another champ on our list is the AstroAI clamp meter. Having a unique jaw opening of about 42 mm, the meter is simply perfect for measuring any type of cable and wire, irrespective of the size. If you own a vehicle, this surely may appear to be the best DC clamp meter for automotive on many levels.

AstroAI Digital Clamp Meter

Getting a sample reading with this device is a fast experience, for sure. You can get a reading in about 2 times per second with it, which makes it quite quick to switch between different wires in less time than usual.

This versatile genius can measure AC/DC voltage, AC current, resistance, continuity, test diodes, as well. To have the clearest of readings, the device features a large digital LCD screen with a backlight on it.

Saving battery-life on this machine is pretty simple. It gives an indication of the remaining battery-charge to make sure you don’t get surprised by a sudden shutdown. Again, its Auto-off function will turn the device off if the battery is draining too fast.

The transformer jaws of the machine can pick up the flow of AC current via the conductor. This assures more safety for the meter and you, as well.


  • Wide jaw opening of 42 mm for easy clamp clearance
  • High sampling speed of 2 times per second
  • Auto-shutdown in case of low battery
  • Battery draining indicator
  • Measures AC/DC voltage, and AC resistance, current, and continuity


  • Not suitable for lengthy drops

3. Best Premium Pick – Fluke 324 True RMS Clamp Meter

If you have been around the HVAC industry for a while, you sure have heard the name – Fluke. When it comes to multimeter and measurement, Fluke takes a chunk of portion in the discussion without a doubt.

Fluke 324 True RMS Clamp Meter

The True RMS 324 milliamp clamp meter from the Fluke family is one of the easiest to use and simple devices we have come across. It can measure AC current up to 4000 amp. As for AC and DC voltage, the device measures up to 600 Volts.

It can also get a reading of resistance up to 4 kilohms, as well. So, that’s a 3-in-1 package you got right there.

Although not so wide, the 30mm jaw opening does a pretty neat job in measuring large wires. Plus, you can hear the continuity sensor confirming that the circuit is perfectly conducting electricity.

Never miss a digit while you read – the Fluke 324 clamp meter for DC current comes with a large, easy-to-read backlit display. Apart from the slim and ergonomic design, the display makes the device much smarter and cooler than most machines nowadays.


  • Meter measures current, voltage, and resistance
  • 30mm convenient jaw opening
  • Audible continuity sensor for current-flow confirmation
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Slim, smart, and ergonomic design


  • Struggles to analyze in low temperature

4. Best for Temperature Measurement – Klein Tools CL800

Another Klein Tools on our list. But this time, it’s a True RMS clamp meter promising perfect accuracy for your measuring job.

Measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance with this device in no time! It also comes with a diode testing capacity for more flexibility and versatility.

Klein Tools CL800

What’s different about this device? Well, it comes with a thermocouple probe to measure temperature, too. It’s pretty rare nowadays for clamp meters to get a temperature reading, but Klein CL800 steps ahead in this case.

Have you been wondering if there are stray voltages in your house’s electrical system? If yes, then this machine is going to be pretty helpful for you. Its active Low Impedance Mode can identify and get rid of such ghost voltages in seconds!

Being a smart gadget, the meter features a low-battery indicator to save you from a sudden power cut. The easily accessible battery compartment makes it a lot more comfortable to take the battery out and replace it.


  • Meter comes with a TRMS technology for accuracy
  • LoZ mode for eliminating ghost voltages
  • Comes with thermocouple probe to measure temperature
  • Includes battery indicator
  • CAT IV 699V and CAT III 1000V, Class 2 safety rating


  • The reading takes a while to display on the screen

5. Best for Comfort – Extech MA445

Extech MA445

As clamp meters are meant to be handheld and comfortable to use, we guess Extech MA445 takes the requirement pretty seriously. Its ergonomically designed body offers neat control over the device, and you can easily operate it with just one hand.

It comes into play for a number of reasons. Its 11 basic and advanced functions make it a perfect companion for you for any project out there. Electrical measurement had never been easier and more comfortable!

Moreover, its True RMS technique makes sure the readings you get are optimally accurate and perfect. No matter how fluctuating are the waveforms, the TRMS technology takes care of the accuracy like a pro.

Never underestimate the power of a jaw opening. The MA445 features a 30mm jaw opening that houses most wires and cable pretty easily.

And in case you are having a hard time putting the clamp in the right place, turn on the flashlight that comes with it. It will illuminate the entire area you are working on. The backlit display on the meter will help you get the clearest reading possible.


  • Comes with 11 basic and advanced measuring options
  • Built-in flashlight for illumination
  • Employs True RMS technology for an accurate reading
  • Backlit LCD screen for proper reading
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use


  • Tends to break after a hard fall

6. Best for Voltage – UEi Test Instruments DL369

With 50 years of award-winning experience in making measurement-devices, UEi is a trusted name in the meter industry. The DL369 from their house speaks for itself as to why UEi is here to rule the market.

This versatile DC milliamp clamp meter can measure AC/DC voltage with two test leads attached to it. Reach up to 750V for AC and 1000V for DC with this device. Again, it can measure capacitance up to 4000 μF, as well.

Its dual-line large display makes it easy to provide a proper reading for the measurements. You can easily read the figures even in a bit darker area, too. Again, to indicate the battery is soon getting out of charge, there’s a low battery display, as well.

If you’re using too much battery power and there’s a risk of the device falling dead, the machine will automatically switch itself off to save on batteries.

To carry the gadget around with you, it comes with a nice and secured pouch bag. It’s slim and smart and looks perfect while you move around with it.


  • Versatile clamp meter covers the most common measurements
  • Dual-line large LCD screen
  • Comes with a storage pouch
  • Automatic shutdown system to save battery
  • Lightweight and slim device


  • The display doesn’t have a backlight

7. Best for Versatility – KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter

With a range of measurement options, Kaiweets digital clamp meter made it to number 7 on our list. From AC/DC current and voltage to frequency or duty cycle, the device is ready for any electrical reading you need.

KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter

Apart from that, you can also use this device for measuring resistance and capacitance, as well. On top of that, it is also capable of measuring temperature too. So, if versatility is what you are after, you can easily count on this device.

The machine comes with a Low Input Impedance that helps it to detect false reading on the device because of ghost voltage. So, you can rest assured that you won’t be misled due to any wrong output.

Again, it features a Low Pass Filter that can accurately measure variable frequency drive signals, especially when you measure transformers and motors.

Having a two-color backlit display is a plus for the device as it can be clearly seen even in a dark place.

To save on the batteries, the gadget turns itself off when it can detect inactivity for about 15 minutes at a stretch.


  • Comes with an AC/DC current and voltage measurement system
  • Available for temperature reading
  • Detects ghost voltage to prevent false reading
  • Two-color backlit LCD screen
  • Safety meets IEC 61010-1 and CAT III 600V standards


  • The casing it comes with is a bit light

8. Best for New Users – Meterk Digital Clamp Meter

Coming with the True RMS auto range technology, Meterk Digital Clamp Meter has secured its place quite well in the market. It has some innovative features that make it extremely useful for any electrician – whether new or veteran.

Meterk Digital Clamp Meter

Such a feature is the light and sound alarm of the device when it detects an AC voltage or a live wire. Not only do you get a reading on it, but also you can listen to the beep sound to make sure there’s an active voltage in the cable.

As for the reading, you can easily read it on the high resolution, large backlit LCD screen for better visibility. As it is backlit, you can easily take the reading in dark areas, as well.

Speaking about working in dark areas, the meter has a flashlight attached to it at the front between the clamp hands. It can illuminate the working space for better visibility in a tighter space.

To save battery life, the machine has a low-battery display for you to know when to stop and recharge the cell.


  • Features True RMS auto-range technology
  • Light and sound notification in the case of a voltage detection
  • High resolution backlit LCD screen
  • Bright flashlight for working in a darker environment
  • Small and portable device is easy to carry


  • The display is a little bit small, which may affect correct reading

9. Best for Household Use – Proster 6000 Counts Clamp Multimeter

If anyone asked for a full-package in a clamp multimeter, the probable option would be the Proster 6000 Counts Clamp meter. It’s not a bad choice if you’re looking for the best clamp meter for automotive, either.

Proster 6000 Counts Clamp Multimeter

It accurately measures AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, temperature, capacitance, and continuity. Thanks to its True RMS technology, the accuracy for the reading is just perfect.

This intelligent device can automatically select the appropriate range for proper measurement. Using the NCV, the meter detects AC voltage on cables and conductors that help solve a range of electrical issues in the projects and households.

Its 28-mm open-jaw leaves enough hollow space for measuring current on a circuit without interrupting it. So, it gets easier and safer to check the main cables and high current loads on your car.

Another perk for using this machine is its low-voltage indication and overload protection system. It makes it quite safe and comfortable to use as the overloading risk is mitigated.

Again, the device will sound a light alarm if this can detect an AC voltage of 90V to 1000V or a live wire.


  • TRMS technology for maximum accuracy
  • 28-mm jaw opening for safe measurement
  • Light alarm sound for voltage detection
  • Auto shutdown after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Built-in flashlight for illumination


  • The flashlight at times gets turned off automatically

10. Best for Portability – Meterk 6000 Counts Clamp Meter

And finally, we reach the bottom of our quest for the best electricians clamp meter in town. It’s another unit from the Meterk team that comes with an accurate measurement capacity of AC/DC voltage, current, diode, capacitance, resistance, duty cycle, frequency, and temperature.

Meterk 6000 Counts Clamp Meter

As a symbol of it being one of the leading digital meters, the device sounds an alarm if it can detect 6-600V AC voltage on a wire or circuit.

To save the machine from getting damaged, it doesn’t allow it to be active under an overload of current. It comes with overload-protection for this purpose. It will display ‘OL’ on the LCD when the load is beyond its capacity.

Apart from these impressive features, the gadget houses a high-resolution LCD screen to display the accurate reading it captures. There’s a low-battery indicator as well to save battery life.

This small and portable device is extremely smart and suits every HVAC professional at work. It comes with a carrying pouch for added safety and a stunning look, too.


  • Low voltage indicator and protection from overload
  • Auto power off in case of battery drainage
  • Light and sound alarm for AC voltage detection
  • High-resolution LCD screen
  • Small, smart, and portable device to carry


  • The beeper is pretty loud but can be fixed

Things to Consider Before Buying a Clamp Meter

So, you are up to getting the best clamp meter for HVAC, right? It gets a lot easier for you if you simply pick one from the units we have reviewed here. Otherwise, if you’re about to explore for more, keep the following factors in mind.

Versatile Meter

Although the key expectation from a clamp meter is the ability to measure AC/DC current, it’s always a good idea to get some extra. Make sure that the device can measure voltage, resistance, temperature, continuity, etc., along with the current.

It will help you a lot in your professional work, for sure.

Clamp Opening

Clamp openings come in different sizes, from 17 mm to 45 mm, at best. Remember, the wider the opening, the broader is your chance to use it in the touch-less measurement of current on any cable or wire. So, try to stick to the wider opening, if possible.

Backlit Screen

Of course, a digital meter will have an LCD screen on it, but is it always visible? What about in the dark? That’s where backlit displays come into play. You get to read the measurements properly and accurately with a backlit display, even in the darkest corner of the house.

So, check if the display on the machine can light up in the dark.

True RMS Technology

Lastly, you need to confirm the accuracy of the measurement of the machine, especially if you’re using a clamp meter for automotive use. The easiest way to confirm this is simply checking if the device supports True RMS technology. It should be written on the packaging for you to find out easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a clamp meter to measure voltage?

Yes, if the device comes with a measurement option to get a reading of voltage, you can easily measure the voltage with it.

How to use the clamp meter to measure DC current?

To measure DC current, set the clamp meter dial to A DC. Now, open the jaw of the clamp to put the wire inside the hollow area. Take the reading from the meter display.

How to use the clamp meter to measure AC current?

For measuring AC current, you need to set the dial to A AC. Click the jaw opener to open the jaw of the clamp. Wrap the wire with the hollow space of the clamp and take a reading on display.

Can I use an AC clamp meter to measure DC current?

Yes, you can. But only if the device supports measuring both AC and DC current.

Can a clamp meter read DC amps?

Yes, a clamp meter can read DC amps.

Can a clamp meter measure watts?

Yes, you can use a clamp meter that is specifically designed for AC current for this purpose.

Final Words

To make your mark in the HVAC field, it’s inevitable that you need to use a clamp meter for measuring electricity. That’s why choosing the best clamp meter for electricians is a must. We did our best to find out the most useful and functional devices that any electrician can use.

If you find any of these aforementioned machines to be in your league, give it a try. But if you’re about to explore more, keep our buying guide handy. It’s going to take you miles and land you in the exact place you deserve!



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