How to Jumpstart a Cordless Drill Battery – 3 Methods

Suppose you are being productive more than ever, trying to fix the sink or touching up the bookshelf a little bit. You take out your ever so favorite tool, the cordless drill. We know it is an absolute game-changer. But the bad juju gets you, and you see that the battery won’t power up!

What to do? You can run to the nearest hardware store to get a new battery or buy an entirely new drill. But, wait a minute, do you know how to jump a cordless drill battery though? Take a breather; we may have some ways in which you can jump-start the battery, and it will work like a charm.

Here’s all you need to know.

The Car Battery Method

In this method, you will need your reliable car battery to save you from the situation. First of all, set the car charger to 20amps, no more, no less. Then get the charger carefully connected to the terminal of your dead cordless drill’s battery.

Remember, you absolutely have to connect the negative end to the negative and the positive end to the positive here. If you would like, then you can even use a tiny jumper wire for added convenience. Now plug it into your nearest outlet.

You have to charge the battery only for five to six seconds. Now get the tool’s battery charger and insert the dead battery in it. Do you see the charging sign? Great! Now leave it be and let it charge about for an hour and then use it again!

Another Charged Tool Battery Method

In this method, you will need another fully charged similar kind of battery. That means another battery that can be used with your tool. We get it, it’s kind of a no brainer. If you had another fully charged well functioning battery, then why the heck would you need the dead one to come alive!

Well, let me tell you why. Just go on and ask your manufacturer about this problem, and they will ask you to buy a new battery. Now search for the prices of a brand new battery. Yup! That’s right, it’s so expensive. 

You can almost buy a brand new drill that comes with two brand new batteries at that price. It’s actually ridiculous how much they charge you for one battery. If you are willing to pay that kind of money, no complaints here!

But if you are looking for ways how to jumpstart a cordless drill battery, then keep on reading.

So, about using another fully charged battery. This is similar to the previous one. Now take two short well-insulated wires. Be careful, though! Don’t hurt yourself. Now connect the wires like before – positive end to the other positive one and negative end to the other negative one.

What this method does is transport some of the charges to the other dead battery so that it can get some juice before jump-starting. Now, keep your hands steady because you have to hold it in place for quite some minutes. To be exact, about five minutes or possibly a bit more than that.

Now, wait for the magic. Place it into the charging cavity of your wireless power drill. Carefully inspect if the battery is now charging or not. If yes, congrats! You did it. If not, then do not lose hope. Just repeat the above-mentioned process and try again!

It should be charging now. Leave the battery to get fully charged and go to town with your fully functioning battery.

There is another interesting way to achieve the same results in the same method. Get a pair of scissors. Trust me on this. Just like the wires place one scissors negative to negative and the other scissors similarly, positive end to positive.

Just wait just as before, for about 5 minutes or so. Viola! The battery should be charging by now.

The Transformer Method

For this trick, you will need a charger. Uh, let me rephrase that; a transformer with a rectifier is all you need. Then get it connected with a clamp or a wire in the same way described before. It is preferable if you use a clamp. That’s a safer approach to it.

Then keep it plugged for a few seconds and get some power into the dead power drill battery. See if the voltage goes up. If it does, your work here is done. Get it charging again as a brand new battery!

Final Words

In conclusion, how to jumpstart a cordless drill battery isn’t that complicated of a question, really. If you have a little knowledge about tools and the right things around, then it’s as easy as baking a pie. Don’t blame me if you find pie baking complicated, though!



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