7 Best Cordless Drill Under $50 (Buying Guide) 2022

Finally, you’ve made your mind to get that tree house fixed. Damn! That’s a ton of work. But what you’re going to do about those broken windows? Now, don’t tell me you’re going to bring that corded drill of yours here. Have you forgotten that there’s no power outlet here?

How about getting a cordless one? But won’t they be expensive? Unfortunately, they are. But what if you get the best cordless drill under $50? This way, you won’t even have to throw a lot of cash and still get a fine piece of tech easily.

Now the question is, how you’re going to get that. Well, leave it on us. We’re going to lead you the top cordless drills that can put a hole on anything you want without breaking your bank.

Best for Perfect Chuck



Best for Accessories



Best for Diversifying Battery

Avid Power MW316

Avid Power MW316

Best for Higher Speed



Best for Lightweight Drill



Best for Faster Charging

MAIBERG Cordless Drill

MAIBERG Cordless Drill

The Best Cordless Drill Under $50

After thorough research and tons of analysis, we’ve got our top cheap cordless drill. It’s time to take a dive to find yours! Let’s begin with –

1. BLACK+DECKER LDX120C: Best for Perfect Chuck

When you aim at getting a powerful cordless drill, what you can’t help is a ton of thoughts that starts crowding your mind. But when you’ve got something like the LDX120C from BLACK+DECKER on your hand, the fog of confusion simply disappears with the blink of an eye.


But what’s so special about this cordless drill? Well, the list is quite long, and it all starts with its crazy speed. Want to know the number? It’s 650 RPM! This 1500-Watt power drill can literally put a perfect hole into anything like metal, plastic, and wood. And the screw driving tasks? Not even a problem for this son of a gun.

If you’re not planning to compromise on the chuck size, then here’s the good news. It comes with a perfect chuck size of 3/8 inch. Do you really think you need to worry about getting the bit shank fit anymore? And if it’s the low light that’s worrying you right now, then the built-in LED light is here to light up your way.

Now comes the best part! No, it’s not the lightweight or compactness, but the 11 clutch settings are what we’re indicating to. Now, if you need a variation on the action, that ain’t going to be a problem when you’ve got something like this in your arsenal.

What else are we missing? Nice guess! The batteries. Its 20v-max Lithium-Ion battery won’t give up on you until you’re done with all of your drilling missions. But what if you’re not happy with the speed? Relax, mate! It’s variable, so you’ve got nothing but complete control over here.


  • Comes with the perfect chuck size
  • Capable of generating huge speed
  • Can drill on different surfaces
  • The powerful battery gives a long runtime
  • Offers variable speeds


  • Doesn’t come with a protective case

2. GOXAWEE G5050: Best for Accessories

When you’re dealing with something tough, there’s no way to take that down if you don’t have something tougher to back you up. We can’t say about the other things, but if you’re up against a wall and thinking to put a whole on it, then we’ve got a power tool for you. It’s the G5050 of GOXAWEE cordless power drill we’re talking about.


The first thing that’s going to literally blow your mind is its 2-speed cordless drill driver. If you can’t wait to make something new with the metal or wood pieces lying around, the high speed (0-1350 RPM) can easily put a hole on them.

But that doesn’t mean you have to keep it away from all those softer surfaces. The low-speed mode with its 0 – 350 RPM can get the job done without even causing the slightest damage.

That’s not all! To get you the ‘all-in-all’ performance, this lightweight 12v drill comes with a 100pcs of accessories. And thinking about putting a hole on your concrete wall to hang your wedding photos? Let the Masonry Drill Bit handle that.

Unlike those notorious drills that die in the middle of the drilling, this bad boy can keep up as long as you want – thanks to its 1500mAh Li-ion batteries. Yes, you heard it right, ‘batteries.’ This means you’ve got two of them.

You’ve got a dustbin? Then throw your worries about inaccurate control there. Because with its variable speed trigger, not only you’ll have the accurate control but also mode adjustment in seconds. To impress you a bit more, it’s got the 18-adjustable position clutch under its wings, in case you need more control.


  • Comes with a high RPM
  • Keeps the control accuracy high
  • Equipped with dual batteries for long runtime
  • Can deal with solid surfaces like metal and concrete
  • Easy to adjust the hammer mode


  • The unlatch button should’ve been softer

3. Avid Power MW316: Best for Diversifying Battery

You can do it all in the old way, just with a hammer and a nail. But are you sure that it won’t look like a bent embarrassment on your beautiful wall? The answer is NO, we guess. So, Avid Power thought of bringing something to get you out of that oscillation and did it perfectly with the MW316 cordless drill.

Avid Power MW316

But what it actually got in its bucket of features? Well, it all starts with its 2-speed gearbox with 0-550 RPM and perfect torque, which is 260 in-lbs. With these features, this red devil can easily penetrate any metal or wood you’ll point at.

Now, don’t you need a powerful battery to keep it running? Thanks to its 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery that’ll be there to ensure maximum runtime. As a cherry on the top, its USB output compatibility allows you to get your phone charged with it.

Let’s jump into the performance again. MW316 basically comes with 15+1 torque settings. This means you’re allowed to worry about anything but not the precision of control. Moreover, you’ll be the in-charge of the speed for the whole time as the variable speed trigger will put the bridle on your hand.

And what to say about its ergonomic design? Along with being lightweight and compact, it’ll get you a comfortable grip when you are trying to bury a screw on your wall. A fair share of thanks goes to its rubber-covered handle for that too.


  • Has decent max speed and torque
  • The powerful battery pack makes the runtime long
  • 15+1 torque settings ensure precise control
  • Variable speed trigger makes the controlling easy
  • Comes with a lightweight and compact ergonomic design


  • Not for heavy-duty applications

4. WAKYME W27Y: Best for Higher Speed

Imagine, when you were drilling for a shelf on your deck, suddenly the drill drops from your hand and goes directly into your dog’s water bowl? What’ll happen next? Obviously, the drill will be dead for good. But that’s only for a normal drill. Not for something waterproof and drop-proof like the W27Y cordless hammer drill of WAKYME.


Surprised already? But there’s a ton of features waiting to surprise you again. The first one on the list is its humongous speed of 1500 RPM. This piece of pure sturdiness comes with a variable pressure trigger. Here, you’ll get 2 variable speeds of 0-350RPM and 0-1500RPM that can simply rock your drilling missions.

This is also the same feature that establishes complete control over the actions. But there’s no way to give it the sole credit when its super-efficient 18+3 Clutch settings are working in the front line.

To keep your workflow uninterrupted, WAKYME has given it the 1500mAh Li-ion battery. Do you really think team WAKYME will leave you with no backup? Then think again, because you’ve got two of those batteries to keep the drill running without a drop in the beat.

Is it getting dark? Don’t worry; its bright LED light ain’t going to let it stop you. To get it a superior edge, the maker has got it 3/8” Keyless Chuck along with a Forward/Reserve Control. Having these features on its side has made it super easy to use.


  • Comes with two variable speeds
  • Waterproof and drop-proof construction
  • Boasts two batteries for longer runtime
  • 18+3 Clutch settings ensure better control
  • Highly convenient to use


  • The instructions should’ve been more clear

5. ENERTWIST ET-CD-20: Best for Lightweight Drill

Having a decent drill makes it almost to the half of the road when you’re trying your skill on woodwork. But at the same time, the wrong one is also enough to spoil it all. So, if you’re really not in the mood to get stuck with some classless junk, then you better get something as good as the ET-CD-20 of ENERTWIST.


You’re not bound to stick to one single application on drilling. So, the makers have given this compact drill a speed setting of 0-700 RPM. Now, it doesn’t matter what type of drilling task you’re dealing with, it can keep up easily.

Now, you’re going to need a solid battery as well for keeping the cordless tool running. Thanks to its 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery, it ain’t going to let you down with its strong and long-lasting performance. Moreover, this 2.2 lbs drill comes with a LED light to brighten it up in the dark.

And worrying about having the right grip? Well, the ergonomic soft-grip handle will ensure the perfect grip every time you’ll take it on your hand.

By the way, its smooth variable speed trigger will help you to keep the rotation in control. But what if you need a screw pulled out of the hole? You don’t need to worry as the Forward/Reverse control is here to deal with it.

Team Enertwist knows that you can’t afford to have a lower precision level while taking care of your projects. So, they’ve integrated the 18+1 torque position clutch. This means once you bring it in, the headache of precise torque adjustment will be gone for good.


  • Decent speed setting makes the drilling easy
  • Ensures precise torque adjustment
  • Compact and lightweight drill
  • The powerful battery keeps it running for a long time
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle


  • Not meant for the heavier application

6. TOPELEK 20V Cordless Drill: Best for Precise Torque Adjustment

TOPELEK 20V Cordless Drill

If raw power is something that you crave in a cordless drill, then you’re going to love the cordless drill from TOPELEK. This 20V cordless drill with its 35.3 Nm maximum torque can pull off tasks that you can do only with a high-end cordless drill.

Now tell us, what are you up against – aluminum, plastic, metal, or wood? This little workhorse doesn’t care, because it can put a hole on any of them. Thanks to the 18-position clutch, it ensures 125% precise torque adjustment.

Team TOPELEK knows that not everywhere you can be gentle or rough. So, they’ve got this drill 2-variable speeds. The first one is 0-400 RPM, and the next one is 0-1400 RPM.

To get it all back on an easier phase, it has the Forward/Reverse button on it as well. Now, it’s on you if you want to screw it or unscrew it.

A 3/8″ Keyless chuck and 27 pcs of perfect accessories – what else do you need to give it a perfect finishing? And yes, the battery. A Lithium-Ion battery with a 1500mAh capacity has made it one of the long-running drills in the market. By the way, in case you need an update on the battery life, just check the indicator.

But one thing has made this compact piece of excellence an extra-ordinary one – the built-in intelligent chip. This is the same technology that saves the drill from over-charging/discharging, short-circuit, over-heating, or over-current.


  • Can maintain precision in torque adjustment
  • 2-variable speeds keep the control on point
  • Powerful battery ensures long runtime
  • Indicator helps in tracking battery life
  • Comes with all the useful accessories


  • The magnet quality could’ve been better

7. MAIBERG Cordless Drill: Best for Faster Charging

We’re on the edge of concluding our review part. But that ain’t going to happen without letting you know about the last amazing drill on our list. This bad boy is a perfect cocktail of power, efficiency, and speed. Yes, it’s the cheap Cordless Drill from MAIBERG we’re talking about.

MAIBERG Cordless Drill

First off, unlike the cheap junks with low battery, team MAIBERG has given this 20V power drill a battery with 1.5Ah capacity. If your projects require constant drilling performance, there’s no reason for this cordless tool to back off with its long runtime.

As a bonus, the battery will eat up just one single hour of your precious time to get fully charged. But how you’ll know how much juice the battery has left it in? Well, leave that to the indicator right there.

But no matter how powerful a battery you put in a drill, it still will be useless if it can’t deliver that level of performance. Thankfully, that ain’t the case on this one as it comes with 2 variable speeds. The high one (0-1350RPM) is perfect for tough tasks, and the low one (0-350RPM) for the simpler one.

A low-class torque setting is more than enough to strip your screws while driving. So, to get you out of that hassles, the makers have added the 18+1 torque settings for better control. That’s also the same feature that makes this MAIBERG tech penetrate any surface like ceramics, drywall, plastics, woods, and metal.

With the bright LED light, it’ll illuminate your work zone clearly as a day. And if you’re more into detaching the pieces, that shouldn’t be a problem as there’ll be a forward/reverse switch closer to your thumb.


  • Comes with a long-lasting battery life
  • The battery can be charged in just 1 hr with the given charger
  • 2 variable speeds make the drilling easy
  • 18+1 torque settings maintain better control
  • Can penetrate almost any surface


  • Doesn’t come with any extra battery

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cheap Cordless Drill

Even the smallest investment is capable of getting you a greater outcome if you just know how to do that. The same goes for cordless drills as well. So, you don’t want to end up with a spoiled investment in your next cordless drill, right?

Then you better know what you need to check out in the first place while getting one. Here’re the factors you need to look for in your next cordless drill in order to get the right one.

Chuck Size: What you need the most to get a surface holed right after a drilling machine? Drill bits, right? This means you’re going to need a drill with the right chuck size that can take in all the drill bits that can get your task done. So, keeping that in your check-out list is a must.

Clutch: Lack of control on drills is what we call the easiest way to mess your work up. So, if you don’t want the same hazard on your plate, then pick one with maximum clutch settings. That’ll keep things under your control when you’re trying to hit it deep with the screws.

Hand Grip: Having an uncomfortable grip might get the job done, but that doesn’t mean the job will have a perfect finishing for sure. So, you better grab a drill the has the right texture and contour in case you don’t want a messy hole on your surface.

Voltage: The best way to satisfy your hunger for power on drills is getting one that comes with a higher voltage. Though it’ll add a bit of weight to the drill, the better performance will cover that up for sure.

Battery: Nothing can be more hassling than getting stuck in the middle of a drilling task, especially when it’s caused by low battery power. So, to keep that headache away, get a drill that comes with a battery that can back you up for a long time. It’ll be better if you can just get two of them.

Variable Speed: Not everywhere you can work with the same speed mode. So, if you don’t want to get stuck with the single speed, pick a drill with variable speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Lithium-Ion batteries better than Nickel-Cadmium batteries in cordless drills?

Most of the batteries of cordless drills are Lithium-Ion batteries. But even if you see a Nickel-Cadmium one, you better pick the one with Lithium-Ion. It’s because they can hold the charge for a longer period of time compared to Nickel-Cadmium batteries.

Why adjusting the clutch is important?

You need to adjust the clutch on the basis of your usage because that’s what will save the screws from getting stripped. Moreover, it’s also helpful in saving the motor from blowing out.

What can possibly happen if there’s a feeling of resistance while drilling?

When you feel resistance while drilling, ease up. Otherwise, be ready to get a burned motor.

How much voltage rating is ideal for household works?

As household tasks with drills are often nothing heavy, a voltage rating from 12-18 Volts should be enough.

Can a cordless drill be used in the rain?

Some of the drills come with the waterproof feature, but it’s better if you can keep it away from the water.

Can I use my drill to polish my car?

Yes, a drill can be used to do both drilling and polishing. However, you must verify the correct drill speed setting. Use a slow/low speed on your drill and apply light pressure to avoid over polishing or burning your paint. Also, make sure you don’t stop turning the drill. Keep the drill moving when polishing with it to prevent damaging your paint.

Final Words

When you’re not in the mood to spend too much on your next drill but still want to have a good performance, then try to grab the best cordless drill under 50 dollars. We’ve got you all the ideal options you can have as your next drill. Now, it’s on you to decide which one you’re going to swipe your card on.



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