7 Different Types of Screwdriver And Their Uses

You do not necessarily have to be a woodworker or professional to use a screwdriver, chances being that anyone might need one at some point.

Be it for electrical work, woodwork, or metalwork – just to name a few – screwdrivers are essential tools. There can be myriads of applications. Luckily, there is a compatible screwdriver for every screw type. However, a lot of people are confused about screwdriver types and uses.

No worries, we’re here to help. If you plan on a DIY or go for screwdriver shopping, do not worry about choosing the wrong one. This article talks about the different kinds of screwdrivers and their uses. Just go through them and choose the best one for you!

Screwdriver Types And Uses

Let’s find out which screwdriver fits your needs.

Screwdriver Types And Uses

1. Flathead

Due to its design, this screwdriver is the most commonly used type of screwdriver.

It boasts a flared, flat or slotted head that fits almost any screw top. As such, flathead ends up being a versatile screwdriver in the market. Thus, there are many types of flathead screwdrivers available.

Although it comes in different sizes, the most common one has a length of 5.5 mm and a width of 8 mm.

Take a heads-up, be aware while using the flat head with an electronic screwdriver. It might slip easily and hurt your fingers.


Larger ones can be used to open paint tins, while the smaller ones are used in opening tiny watch screws. Some might come in extra-large sizes for industrial applications.

Cabinet makers like to use this flathead type to join the various parts of a cabinet. Similarly, mechanics might put it to use to unscrew the stiff screws.

Remember to not use it for power driving purposes!

2. Phillips

Almost everything nowadays uses Philips, from appliances to furniture. Its angled tip design makes it a crosshead, meaning it can dig deeper into the head. Not to mention it’s risk-free of the blade slipping out sideways.

You can call it an advanced version of the slotted screwdrivers. Nowadays, people tend to prefer the Philips screwdriver for its great head combination.


This brand is chosen for manufacturing electronics, carpentry, furniture, and jewelry.

3. Torx

If you are on a hunt for an efficiently designed screwdriver, this is the best choice for you. You can easily see it stands out because of its flower-shaped design.

Want to go for the best Torx screwdrivers? Try the size choices from 0.03 inches to 0.82 inches. You will gain more contact space between the screw head and its tip. Thus, without damaging the head or tip, you can put more torque.

With its stylish blades, the screwdriver delivers a high torque tolerance.


Initially used for some security purposes, these screwdrivers are now popular in the commercial fields.

Due to their stellar efficiency, the Tork drivers are found in appliance manufacturing. A decent choice for any DIY project, they also have a significant impact in the electrical fields.

4. Hex

Having 6 straight sides, the hex drivers have their name derived from hexagon drive. Unusual as they lack a tip or handle, yet the hex drivers have garnered popularity these days.

They have a small, Hexa metal shank curved into an L-shape. Often, they come free with packed furniture.

Hex screwdrivers take your experience to another level boasting a comfortable handle than the Allen wrench counterparts. In the screwdriver market, there are many types of screwdriver handles for you to choose from.

Apply higher torque using the T-handle Allen wrench for a better experience.


The most widespread use is in the manufacture of furniture.

Quite unusual, this driver’s specialized security form is used for high-risk fields – for instance, prison maintenance. 

The Allen wrenches can be expected to be used for bike maintenance as well.

5. Pozi-Drive

This screwdriver is designed to be the updated version of Philips. You can quickly identify it by its looks – it has 4 extra lines coming from the center, important for enhancing its grip.

Featuring small ribs and a blunt tip, the screwdrivers have improved torque and risk-free cam-out.

If you want to adjust the pace at which you like to complete the task, this screwdriver is the ideal choice for you.

Pozidrive screwdrivers, standard in western countries, help the user to waste less time and work accurately.


Typically used in a vast range of products for its cam-out activity.

6. Spanner

Just for its looks, it is often called a barbecue fork. Well, this must tell you something about the looks of the screwdriver.

Available in different sizes, the screwdriver can fulfill your needs when you choose the right one.

If you come across two holes on the opposite ends of a flathead screw, you must immediately guess that Spanner is the most suited one for this job.

It features two prongs to fit into these holes, helping you either tighten or loosen the screws.


It has a wide application: elevator maintenance, bus door affixation, and public restroom maintenance.

Often, you will see workers working with these drivers in subways. Because of their highly secure nature, the screwdrivers are popular among technicians.

7. Electric

By the name of it, you can guess that these screwdrivers need electric power to function properly. You will see different types of electric screwdrivers, mainly corded, cordless, and battery-operated screwdrivers.

All of them, though having different advantages, apply torque without needing any manual strength. 


People fancy them for basic drills, as these can make bigger projects a snap. With their help, you can install lights and build furniture.

These are the perfect screwdriver for electricians.

Grab Your Screwdriver Now!

Now you have a detailed idea of the different types of screwdrivers and their functions. With a perfect screwdriver for your job, you can complete it within no time.

When going screwdriver shopping, keep the purpose in mind. Focus mainly on the screwdriver types and uses, and test it out before purchasing. After all, you do not want to screw up anymore with the wrong screwdrivers, right?

So what are you waiting for? Grab the perfect screwdriver for you now!



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