Can You Use a Router Bit in a Drill – The Answer is Here!

Routers and drills both are handy equipment for woodworking. You may want to try using the router bits with a drill machine. But can you use a router bit in a drill?

Both routers and drills work by rotating the bits, and you can use a router bit in a drill to some extent. But the result will not be good enough as their working process and RPM is far different. It’s better to use a separate machine for different bits.

There is also a matter of safety in doing this. Before you try using the router bits in a drill, finish reading this article. We will be discussing everything about using these bits alternatively.

Can You Use a Router Bit in a Drill?

A drill machine and router are different from each other in a lot of ways. That’s why we don’t recommend using a router bit in a drill.

Questions arise: What are the differences between a drill press and a router? What makes a drill bit different from a router bit?

Work process

The working process of a router and a drill is identical as they both rotate bits. That’s the only similarity between the working process of these two pieces of equipment.

The job of a drill is to make holes on different surfaces. It puts downward pressure on digging holes in woods or walls. Bits are designed in such a way to create holes.

A router works by creating sideways pressure. It is for creating designs on the side or in the middle of the woods. The router bits have different shapes depending on what design you want.

When you try to use a router bit in a drill, it will be tough for the drill to create sideways pressure. If you’re using drill presses, you may get the job done roughly. But if you have one of those best cordless handheld drills, it would be nearly impossible.


Both drill bits and router bits have different types of bits. Drill bits are usually straight round bars. They have different styles and thicknesses depending on the purpose of usage. Besides woodworking, you can use drill bits for driving screws.

The shape of router bits is completely different. Their design depends on what type of finishing you want on the edges of your wood. Diamond cut, bevel edges, and surfacing router bits are some of the common shapes for router bits.

Routers are made to use with such routing-shaped bits. Putting them in a drill will not be worthy. If you still try to do so, you will probably not get a perfect design.


Routers spin a lot faster than drills. A typical router has an RPM(Revolutions Per Minute) of around 8,000 to 30,000. On the other hand, the RPM for a drill machine is only about 2,000 to 5,000.

When you are using a drill machine, you will put some manual downward pressure. That’s why you can carry out the job even with low RPM.

But a router requires super high speed as it puts pressure on the sides. If you put a router bit in a drill machine, it will not spin fast enough. Routing the woods will be pretty tough as a result.


Drill and routers have different work in process, and their bits come in different shapes. That’s why the finishing of these two bits is also not the same.

You can have excellent holes on wood or any other surface with a drill machine. A router will give you smooth finishing on woods with different styles of cuts.

If you try to use router bits in a drill press, you may be able to finish the job. The finishing will never be as smooth as you will get with a router. But if you have a handheld drill, this is not recommended.


Can I use my drill as a router?

It is pretty evident that both drill and a router work differently and give different finishings. Therefore, you can not use your drill as a router. That’s because you can not get the smooth finishing like router bits with a drill bit.

If you are thinking of using router bits in a drill bit, we have answered your question in the above discussion. 

When To Use a Drill Press and When To Use a Router?

The different functions of drill presses and routers make them suitable for different jobs. When you need to create holes on a surface for inserting bolts or something else, drilling is what you need.

On the other hand, if you want to make different shapes on the edges of the woods, go for a router. You can trim the woods or give any shape to the woods with a router.

How do you use a router bit in a cordless drill?

You may try to use the router bit in a drill press for experiment purposes. But never try to use a router bit in a cordless drill. Cordless drills are handheld and unable to force sideways. Trying to do something like that may also cause an accident.

Can you use drill bits as router bits?

Drill bits and router bits come in different shapes and designs. Therefore neither can you use drill bits as router bits nor router bits as drill bits? Although some router bits may look similar to drill bits, they are different.

Are there router bits for a drill?

No, there are no router bits available for a drill. The straight router bit is similar to drill bits and may work as a drill bit. But you will have to use a router to get the best output.

Final Verdict

The detailed discussion on whether can you use a router bit in a drill explains clearly that although it is possible, it is never a good idea to use a router bit in a drill. They have different working processes with different designs to get dissimilar finishes.



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