Ridgid Gen5x Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches are becoming the power tool of the repair shops for years now. However, consumers expect advanced, additional features, and much more with each passing time.

We do not blame them since the world is turning into a huge mass of innovative ideas for gear and what not!

If you take a look at our Ridgid Gen5X impact wrench review, you will find out more about the product. Nevertheless, this cordless impact wrench by Ridgid is a solution to many automotive industries for being, perfect!

Shall we take a peek?

Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench

Why should you choose Ridgid Gen5X over any other comparable impact wrench? The short answer is impeccable construction with high-grade performing ability.

Ridgid R86011B

Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench Review

If you want the longer version of its advantages and features, we have the discussion in detail below for you to understand better.

In any case, picture yourself busting a tire in the middle of nowhere and having to replace the flat. Can you believe the amount of workload this device will reduce if you have it stored in your vehicle?

Gen5X is the ultimate solution to all kinds of installation and removal of stubborn fasteners. Let us look more into the modes and features of this cordless genius.

Mode Settings

The first thing you have to know is that the four modes the unit incorporate. Selecting these modes is easy as a pie too.

Mode 1 offers 0-1300 RPM of speed that is about 80-83 ft.-lbs., while mode 2 delivers 0-1900 RPM with about 170-175 ft.-lbs.

You can already guess that mode 3 provides almost the highest of the RPM that is 0-2600, along with nearly 300 ft.-lbs.

So, what remains is the fourth mode, which is Auto (A) at the RPM of 0-2100 and always within 40 ft.-lbs. A lot of things depend on this rate and torque limit when using the Auto mode.

Nonetheless, these points of changes in speed and driving force rely on the current state of the bolt or nut you plan to use it on. Even the battery power or any sort of lube application on the fasteners plays a role in it as well.

Simply remember that if you do not wish to risk anything or working with sensitive machinery, A-mode is the best option. It will never go over the given foot-pound rate and will shut off automatically to prevent any damage.

1/2” Anvil

While most impact wrenches consist of ¼-inch anvils, Gen5X conveys a ½-inch ring anvil for ease of operations. Furthermore, it includes a hog ring in case you want extension retention or socket.


Working in garages or automotive workplaces require proper lighting. Even when the area is brightly lit, sometimes they might not shed brightness to space where you need it the most.

Keeping this factor in mind, Ridgid has added three LEDs towards the front body of the unit. They illuminate only when the switch/trigger is pressed.

The only issue is the possibility of shadow cast due to a bigger socket. This could cause some irritation when operating.


What the consumers have loved the best about this product is its small body with a convenient grip. The overall model is padded in Hex Grip rubber that provides a secure and comfortable hold.

Thus, your hand will be well insulated from vibrations effectively. Besides, the backside of the body is also protected from accidental drops or falls.

Moreover, the battery is well-guarded skillfully to prevent damages when being bounced in the back of the car or tool bag.


In a way, this cordless impact wrench of 450 ft.-lbs. is quite powerful to work on various vehicles from medium-duty to simple lug nuts.

There is no denying that the higher the torque, the more the users lean towards it. We can tell you this much that Gen5X cordless impact wrench is one of the best for providing maximum torque.


  • Replaceable socket system
  • Applicable for most bolts, nuts, and fasteners
  • A very comfortable grip that insulates vibration
  • Well-protected overall body structure
  • Incredible torque
  • Battery operated; great for portability
  • Incorporates three LEDs for further illumination
  • Lightweight and extremely sturdy quality


  • The light could cast a shadow against large sockets
  • Limited duration for operating

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other Ridgid batteries in this impact wrench?

Yes, but we recommend using a 5.0 AH battery for the device. You can also use a 3.0 AH battery, depending on your availability.

Is it worth purchasing a Gen5X impact wrench?

Yes, we are not saying it for the sake of the product. We genuinely believe this unit deserves more recognition than is given in the market. You might think it resolves limited tasks, but once you obtain it, you will most likely discover other relevant jobs.

Do I need special sockets for the impact wrench?

Yes, you will require impact sockets for any impact wrench, including Gen5X. Any standard socket will break or crack because of the brittle material used on the impact tools.

Is 450 ft.-lbs. sufficient for an impact wrench?

Yes, as long as it is not used in large trucks or machinery continuously. Still, the overall torque is sufficient for the majority of tasks in relevance.

Is brushless worth the cost?

This technology has become well-known in the last few years. So, yes, any tool with a brushless motor is worth the cost as the motor can adjust effectively according to the task. Hence, you can achieve lesser resistance with more power.

Final Verdict

As you have read in the Ridgid Gen5X impact wrench review, the model comes with packed punches in reference to the powerful features!

This is an impact wrench you can invest in if you consider going all in for the Ridgid tool line. The affordability of the product gives it a heads up when compared with others.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in making an informed decision. Thank you!



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