Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench Review 2022 [Buying Guide]

An impact wrench is a beast when it comes to high torque output and doing your job in a flash. Unlike an impact driver, it packs some serious punch. From lug nuts to heavy bolts – an impact wrench can handle it all.

The same way impact wrenches make your job easier, we’re here to make it even simpler with our Bauer 1/2 impact wrench review. Why Bauer, you ask? They provide a range of marvelous tools with an affordable price tag. What more can you ask for, eh?

So, without further ado, let’s find out what the top picks are.

Best Bauer 1/2″ Impact Wrench Review

Bauer has created a rather impressive portfolio for themselves over the years. Here are our favorite impact wrenches for you to buy.

Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench Review

Bauer 64120

Bauer 64120

Let’s talk about something before moving on with the first Bauer 1/2 inch impact wrench review. A massive problem with bolts and nuts is that they can catch rust and become quite stiff. And it gets challenging to loosen them. Having enough torque is the only way to get them to come off.

Thankfully, the first item on our list is a powerhouse. It has a breakaway torque of 1050 ft-pound. Torque is the amount of force applied to something to make it rotate on an axis. Breakaway torque refers to the initial torque this wrench projects on a nut.

In this case, the torque is rather impressive. That is why it’s good enough for even the most corroded nuts without breaking a sweat. There’s a reason why this product is always on the list when it comes to the Bauer 1/2 in. heavy-duty extreme torque impact wrench review.

Apart from that, it features an all-metal gear construction. This means that while being powerful enough to accomplish its tasks with ease, this wrench is well-built and durable. Moreover, this allows it to be able to handle impacts reasonably well.

Since impact wrenches are rather hefty, they consume quite a bit of power. And let’s face it, batteries can be troublemakers. Therefore, this wrench relies on a wired electrical connection to avoid that.

Cordless wrenches are a preference to a lot of folks due to their convenience. But that comes with the caveat of batteries draining quickly. Hence, it’s safe to say that most people will prefer not to worry about this wrench devouring its battery.


  • The breakaway torque is 1050 ft. lbs.
  • An all-metal body ensures durability
  • Rubber nosepiece protects materials from scratch
  • Wired electrical connection provides stability
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Not as powerful and pneumatic wrenches
  • Indicator LEDs aren’t present on it

Bauer 63629

Bauer 63629

Let’s check out our Bauer 20V 1/2 impact wrench review with this product. You can find a lot of products in the category of impact wrenches. The only concern is that most of them will leave their marks on your wallet.

And if the product is affordable enough, manufacturers tend to cut a lot of corners to keep the price in check. This is a dilemma consumers frequently stumble upon. Thankfully, this product is an exception to that rule.

Firstly, this impact wrench features an all-metal body. When it comes to being able to tackle all sorts of heavy workloads, this is a must. If you’re someone that needs to fasten and loosen a lot of nuts, this wrench is your friend.

In the case of breakaway torque, this wrench goes up to 450 ft.-lbs. As this one is a battery-powered cordless wrench, that number is pretty impressive. There’s one issue though, the battery and charger for this wrench don’t come included in the box.

Another remarkable side of this product is that it has precision control. When you’re removing or tightening nuts and bolts, precision is crucial. That way, you can make sure that you’re exerting the right amount of pressure. You can control the overall speed as well, which is excellent.

The LED light that this wrench has is another one of its handy features. When working in a darker environment, this little bit can help you avoid a lot of headaches. All in all, if you’re looking for a cordless impact wrench, this is a safe pick for you.


  • Fantastic  build-quality
  • Cordless mechanisms improve convenience
  • Provides precision control
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Comes with an LED light


  • The battery and charger come separately
  • Not as powerful as wired wrenches

What to Look for When Buying?

To make sure that you’ve got the right impact wrench, you need to look out for a few things. It’s not like the ones you don’t need are bad, per se. They might not be ideal for your personal use cases, and that’s it.

Source of Energy

Impact wrenches pack quite a bit of power, and they mainly rely on two kinds of power sources. Those are compressed air and electricity. There are also hydraulic ones, but those are overkill for almost anyone.

Between wrenches that use electricity and compressed air (pneumatic wrenches), the latter is more powerful. But wrenches that rely on electricity are much more convenient and are more than enough for most people.

Another point to notice is that wrenches that use electricity can be both wired and wireless. The wireless ones provide much more convenience. But whether you want the anxiety of your battery frequently running out is up to you.

Wrench Type and Socket Size

There are mainly two kinds of impact wrenches. The first one is inline, and the second one is called a pistol type. Pistol types are shaped like, well, pistols.

However, types aren’t necessarily your concern here. The main issue is the size of the socket. We’re talking about 1/2″ wrenches here, and most 1/2″ wrenches are mostly pistol type. Pistol types are more reliable when compared to inline ones too.


As we already know, impact wrenches work by using the power of rotation. Torque refers to the force that a rotating object will exert on your nuts or bolts. Pneumatic ones usually feature higher torques, while electric ones have a comparatively lower torque.

Not just that, you need to consider your workflow as well before choosing a wrench. As you probably know, over tightening is a thing. Not enough torque and too much torque can both be problematic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size should my impact wrench be?

It depends on your use. Usually, 1/2″ wrenches are the most common ones. But there are 1/4″, 3/8″, even 1″ wrenches, so choose according to your needs.

What’s the difference between an impact wrench and an impact driver?

Impact drivers are ideal for lighter workloads, such as driving in screws. Impact wrenches, on the other hand, are suited for heavier workloads like sockets and lug nuts.

Should I choose an air impact wrench over an electric one?

Pneumatic impact wrenches need a high-pressure air supply and add a lot of bulk. While they’re powerful, choosing electric wrenches for casual usage is the safer bet.

Is it okay to use a regular socket with an impact wrench?

We don’t recommend it. That’s because the material used to create a regular socket will likely not be enough to handle the strength of an impact wrench.

Do I need 12 point sockets or 6 point sockets?

12 points sockets should be sufficient for lighter workloads, but when it comes to beefier nuts and bolts, 6 point sockets are more suited.

Final Words

So, this was our Bauer 1/2 impact wrench review. Whether it’s user reviews, spec sheets, or affordability, these products tick all the right boxes. And you can buy any of these without worrying about their durability or performance. Just make sure you understand your workload and choose an impact wrench according to that.



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