5 Best SDS Max Rotary Hammer [Buying Guide] 2022

While renovating my basement, I had one of the worst experiences. It has mainly because of the hammer I was using. I have read so many darn reviews and watched various YouTube videos on how to do it, but the experience wasn’t nice. Taking so much time for my already busy schedule was difficult.

However, when I made a switch to a rotary hammer, the whole thing became completely effortless. After that, I told my team to put together an in-depth review about the best SDS max rotary hammer out there.

The sheer regret of not using this product before made me dig very deep into it. It wasn’t easy to find the best ones available, but we didn’t give up. So, if you take our review into consideration, we are sure that you will have a great and easy time renovating or even demolishing.


Bosch 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer

Bosch 1-9/16-Inch


Makita HR4002


DEWALT Rotary Hammer/Drill Combination Kit


The Best SDS Max Rotary Hammer

After thorough research and comparing various products, we made a list of all the market-leading products out there. You can expect almost zero compromises from them.

1. Best Overall: Bosch 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer

When it comes to making fine tools, there’s no denying that Bosch is one of the biggest market leaders. However, have you ever wondered why? Well, it is mainly because of their high-quality products that are good for every worker out there. They always try to give you the most perfect experience possible.

Bosch 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer

Of course, this option is no different either. Manufacturers love to sell a product focusing on a few key features. However, this one is suitable for almost everyone out there. Firstly, let’s talk about the ease of use. Changing the bit is always a hassle. Most of the time, you require different tools for the job.

With this one, you are getting their SDS Max-Bit system which helps you change everything up seamlessly. Plus, the auto-lock feature is great for keeping everything secure. You are also getting great dust protection and a high-impact energy transfer rate.

While we are talking about impact energy, let’s also mention that this tool can deliver up to 6.1 ft/lbs of force. That’s not it; the motor is extremely powerful too. You can easily get 1200-2750 BPM. And you can lock the chisel into 12 different positions, which will help you get more angles to work more precisely.

This feature will ensure that you have a great time drilling and give you fantastic precision too. Another cool thing is that you get good versatility too. You can either use this to hammer or even drill. Overall, you will get getting fantastic results out of it.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Great build quality
  • Powerful motor
  • Versatile use


  • Expensive
  • Motor can’t sustain too much power

2. Best Budget Option: Makita HR4002 1-9/16-Inch SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer

It is pretty obvious that these machines do not come cheap. However, finding a good budget option is not very easy. You will have to look pretty far to find the right one. This happens because manufacturers have to cut a lot of corners to make their products cheap.

In the end, you sadly end up with a subpar product. Well, no one wants that. Don’t worry because we did all the in-depth research for you and found the perfect budget option available. You can easily consider this option by Makita. To enter the big leagues, they had to uppercut the prices while still maintaining good quality.

It basically means great news for customers. When it comes to the build quality, you are getting a plastic and rubber body. The handle is ergonomic and greatly reduces any vibration. That way, you can do the job with better precision. On the other hand, the tool is pretty simple to use.

The One-Touch sliding chucks let you easily swap out the bits. Now, let’s get down to the power. You are getting a high-efficiency 10 AMP motor, which will be more than good enough to tackle any difficult job. One thing to notice is that the body is a bit less durable than the other options out there.

So, keep in mind not to use this tool too roughly. Overall, the features of this machine are pretty cool. You are getting a durable box to carry it, and the built-in torque limiting clutch will make sure that no bit ever jams. On a tight budget, this will be the best that you can get.


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Reduces vibration
  • Affordable
  • Durable carrying case
  • Easy to switch the bits


  • Body isn’t too durable
  • Heating issues

3. Best Precision: DEWALT Rotary Hammer/Drill Combination Kit

When it comes to getting a demolition hammer for tile removal, precision is the biggest factor that comes to play. It’s a serious job, and any wrong move can easily mess up the whole process. Just because you are demolishing something doesn’t always mean you can go hog-wild.

DEWALT Rotary Hammer/Drill Combination Kit

And for that, you need something that will not vibrate too much and help you get a secure hold of the machine. For that, you can check out this one from Dewalt. It is a powerful machine that reduces almost any vibration. Now, let’s get into the build quality.

You get a build of hard plastic and rubber. That way, it tries to keep a balance between the weight and the power. The powerful shock absorbers help a lot when it comes to dealing with any powerful vibration. No matter how difficult the job is, you’ll have full control over what you are doing.

The impact energy of 6.1 ft/lbs allows you to drill fast on hard concrete. Handling the tool also feels nice. The rubber finish and the ergonomic handles give you a great fit. You can even do some horizontal serial drilling with this one. That is all great and all, but what about the price?

Sadly, it is not that cheap. It might not be suitable for everyone, but for difficult jobs, this one is the perfect option. The 3,150 BPM will make the tasks much quicker for you too. Since you are getting so much, why wait anymore?


  • Easy to use
  • Absolutely amazing shock absorption
  • Powerful motor
  • Effortless to switch up the bits
  • Comes with a durable case


  • Not cheap
  • Does not have automatic torque control

4. Best Heavy-Duty: Ironton Heavy-Duty SDS Max Rotary Hammer Drill

Most people who use powerful tools like these are professionals. Things get pretty rough for them, sadly. If you are one of them, you know what the issue is and its power. You can not tackle difficult jobs without a heavy-duty unit in time.

Ironton Heavy-Duty SDS Max Rotary Hammer Drill

Any subpar product will easily wear out too. So, what do you do? Well, you can try this option out by Ironton. It is by far one of the most powerful machines we have tested out. Firstly, let’s talk about the build. The body has durable plastic and rubber all over it.

That way, it is not overly heavy and easy to carry. When it comes to sheer power, it has a 10.5 AMP motor. It can easily operate at 500 RPM and up to 3,750 BPM. Now, no matter how much work you have to do, you can quickly finish it and spend quality time afterward.

However, there is one issue. Even though the machine can sustain the high power, it can get pretty hot too. Other than that, it’s a bit difficult to hold at full power because of the lack of a good shock absorber. Thankfully, we did not notice any other issues.

It can accept any industry-standard bits, and it delivers 6.6 ft/lbs of impact energy. This one is a pretty solid product that will not even put a big dent in your wallet. For people with plenty of workloads, it is a godsend.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Delivers 6.6 ft/lbs of impact energy
  • Accepts all standard bits
  • Affordable price range
  • Has a built-in safety clutch


  • Vibrates a lot
  • Can cause heating issues

5. Best Lightweight: BOSCH RH1255VC SDS-max Rotary Hammer

When you are working on concrete or tiles for hours, it can quickly exhaust you. It can get worse when the tools are heavy too. No one wants to deal with joint pain even after finishing work. That’s why you need something that both lightweight and strong enough to deal with big workloads.

BOSCH RH1255VC SDS-max Rotary Hammer

This one was a tricky product to find because finding a good balance between weight and performance is pretty difficult, but we did it anyway. Check out this other one by Bosch. We already told you how this company makes fantastic products with a good price to performance ratio. This one isn’t different either.

Firstly, let’s talk about the weight. Unlike other options, this one weighs only 27 pounds. However, it can deliver up to 14.1 ft/lbs of impact energy. How did they manage to put so much power in such a small machine is beyond our comprehension.

You are also getting fantastic vibration control, which will prevent any type of fatigue and give you proper precision.

While talking about precision, the soft start feature greatly helps in this scenario too. Not only can it maintain the high speeds, but it does not overheat. Another cool thing is the Turbo power mode. You will get more than 20-percent more power than any other options available.

The toolless bit change is a fantastic feature that will make the whole process much simpler for you. Now, let’s talk about the price. It is not that cheap, but it is a very premium product with the outstanding build quality. We can guarantee that you’ll have a pleasant time working with it.


  • Effortless bit changing
  • Prevents any fatigue
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely powerful
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Carrying case isn’t too durable
  • Instruction manual could be more helpful

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Now that you know which products to buy, all you have to do is just buy it now, right? Well, not quite yet. There is some key information that you have to take into consideration to get the perfect product for yourself. Moreover, you will not waste any money.

Power: There are two main things that you have to take into consideration when it comes to this. One is Impact energy, and the other one is BPM (Blows per minute).

Impact Energy: This is basically the amount of force the tool can give you. People usually measure it with ft/lbs. Anything above 6 ft/lbs will be more than good for you because it is great for tough jobs.

BPM: You can either call it BPM or RPM because it is the same however you look at it. So, how much do you need for a good hammer? Well, if you are someone who doesn’t have too much use for these products, anything under 2500 BPM will be good enough.

However, if the workload is crazy, you should never go under 3000. That way, you can get the best performance and finish the task pretty early.

Build: It is very important that you get something lightweight and with a good grip. These machines are not too easy to handle. It takes a long time to get properly used to them too.

Having a lightweight build will prevent you from getting tired too easily. On top of that, you will have a nice time carrying it too. Also, having a proper hold of the tool will go a long way when it comes to the grip. You will get full control over what you are doing and can finish your job with precision.

This feature is highly important, especially when you are working on tiles. Also, try to go for a product that has good shock absorbers. That way, it will not shake too much, and it will be much more pleasant to hold.

How to Use SDS Rotary Hammer Drill?

This is one of the biggest concerns for a beginner, and it is an important step too. These machines can cause harm to you if you don’t use them carefully. That’s why it is extremely important that you learn the proper way to using one of them before you hurt yourself.

The amazing part is that the whole procedure isn’t difficult at all. All you have to do is follow some simple steps, and that’s it. We will quickly guide you through it all.

Safety: There is no point in using this product if you can not protect yourself first. Since you are trying to demolish something and work on various surfaces, you can easily get injured.

If you are not careful, some particles can even get in your eye. So, firstly, you need to wear a protective uniform. Try to focus on protecting your eyes, head, hands, and legs.

Safety goggles can go a long way. Once you are fully protected, it is time to turn on the machine.

The Right Way: The first job is to inspect the surface you will be working on and pick the right items. Make sure that all the chucks and bits fit the hammer perfectly. Check if everything is secure or not.

Place the drill on the surface and ALWAYS start slowly. Don’t crank the settings up instantly. Now, all you need is to keep a proper hold on the hammer and not lose focus, and that’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wrong not to remove a damaged bit?

Well, not only will the bit not work at all, it will end up damaging the hammer too. If you ever notice that the bits are wearing off, it will be wise to get a new one instantly. It can easily mess up your whole project, waste your time and damage the whole drill. So, there’s no point in using something so useless.

How do I take care of the hammer?

Taking care of the hammer is extremely important, but plenty of people forget about it and end up breaking the machine. It is pretty easy to take care of it. All you have to do is clean it every time you finish working.
That way, no dust will get into the motor and ruin it. Another thing you can do is to use some grease every now and then. It immensely helps with keeping the motor and the other parts running smoothly. You can greatly increase the product’s lifespan by following such simple steps.

Should I get a cordless option?

It depends on your work environment. There are obvious pros of a cordless tool, but it always varies. If you tend to work outside a lot, then wires could get in the way all the time. Plus, you will constantly have to look for a power outlet.
On the other hand, cordless products depend on batteries and can easily run out of them. Some of the time, they are not as powerful as corded ones because they try to save battery life. So, if you have to work outside a lot, it will be wise to go for a cordless one.
If not, a corded one will be more than good enough.

Will I be able to use normal bits on my drill?

Thankfully, most products these days easily support your standard bits. This is great because you will not have to buy specific ones all the time. It will be wise to check if the product you’re buying supports it or not.

What type of hammer should I get if I work on tiles?

There is no specific brand, but if you have to demolish tiles, it will be wise to go for something that does not vibrate much. That way, you will not have to lose control over and do everything much more precisely.

Final Words

Choosing the right product is never too easy. That’s the reason why we had to dig so deep to help you out. You can choose anyone from this review of the best SDS max rotary hammer and see a great performance difference. For any professional user, these products will be absolutely amazing.

Hope you have a nice and safe time when you go to work next time.



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