Best Right Angle Impact Wrench for Every Job

The world of power tools is an incredible one. There are tools to fit every task, every purpose, and every budget. However, this is also what makes the market fairly difficult to navigate. With so many options to choose from, it is quite common for users of all expertise levels to get confused while making purchases.

Thus, we have put together this comprehensive guide. Not only will it help you understand some power tools a bit better, but it will also help you find the best right angle impact wrench! That’s right, in this guide, we will be recommending to you six right angle impact wrenches that we think are the best in the market.

Without further ado, let us go ahead and take a look at everything this guide has to offer. By the end of it, we hope you will have found your next favorite power tool purchase as well as new and useful information about tools.

Best Overall

Milwaukee 2668-20

  • LED light included
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Multiple grip options
  • Adjustable head angle
  • Variable speed

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Best for Portability

ACDelco ARW1209P

  • Ergonomic grip
  • Built-in LED
  • Metal structure
  • Fast charging battery
  • Electronic brake

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Best for Professional Use

Ingersoll Rand 2015MAX

  • Low profile
  • Easier to reach tight spots
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can withstand heavy-duty work
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Efficient and sensitive trigger

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The Best Right Angle Impact Wrench Review

First and foremost, let us take a look at the six products we have chosen to recommend to you. All these models have incredible features, making them the best in our eyes.

1. Milwaukee 2668-20 M18 2-Speed 3/8” Right Angle Impact Wrench: Best Overall

We are starting off with the Milwaukee tool that we think is the overall best among all options in the market. The product comes from a very popular manufacturer, and as always, they have hit it out of the park with this tool too. Let us take a closer look at this impact wrench.

First and foremost, the unit is very user-friendly and suitable for users of all expertise levels. It does not take anything other than basic DIY skills to operate this tool, making it a great first cordless drill for beginners. Users will also find the LED light included useful, as it keeps the workspace well illuminated at all times.

The drill driver is lightweight but not at the cost of its quality. This adds to the user-friendliness of the tool. Furthermore, the tool comes with multiple grip options that can ensure you can hold on to it for a considerable period of time without feeling fatigued in your hands. The head also has an adjustable angle.

As the name of the tool suggests, it comes with two-speed options. This variable speed is an incredible feature for those who like having complete control over their tasks.

Speed can be adjusted for comfort or according to the nature of the task at hand. Overall, this takes the cake as the right angle impact wrench everyone can benefit from!

Milwaukee 2668-20 M18 2-Speed 3/8” Right Angle Impact Wrench


  • User friendly, LED light included
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Multiple grip options
  • Adjustable head angle
  • Variable speed


  • Expensive

2. ACDelco ARW1209P G12 Series 12V Li-ion Cordless 3/8” 45 ft-lbs. Ratchet Wrench Tool Kit: Best for Portability

Our next recommendation comes from a series of right angle impact driver that are meant to be compact and portable. Thus, this model happens to be a great option for professional handymen who need to carry their tools or simply those who prefer a compact power tool.

In addition to being compact, the design of the tool is rather unique. Firstly, it is made of high-quality materials, and the 3/8” head is constructed from alloy steel.

This metal is head is also longer than those on competing models and the enhanced design gives the tool the ability to handle significant exertion, thus preventing damage.

The design also includes a built-in LED light which allows the user to enjoy a well-illuminated workspace at all times. This is especially useful when working in the dark or working in poorly lit spaces. As for the battery pack on this model, it is a fast-charging 12 Li-ion battery with impressive service life.

With power tools, it is always necessary to ensure safety in one way or another. Luckily, this model comes with an electronic brake for safety. The grip on the tool is also ergonomic and slip-proof, preventing accidents from occurring as a result of slippage.

ACDelco ARW1209P G12 Series 12V Li-ion Cordless 3/8” 45 ft-lbs. Ratchet Wrench Tool Kit


  • Ergonomic grip
  • Built-in LED
  • Metal structure; designed to prevent breakage
  • Fast charging battery
  • Electronic brake for safety


  • Speed may be too slow for seasoned users

3. Ingersoll Rand 2015MAX 3/8” Hammerhead: Best for Professional Use

The third model we would like to recommend is a pneumatic product. This is a higher-end model – however, it is designed and optimized for vehicle repair and other vehicle-related tasks. Thus, you will be getting back every penny you invest in this incredible product. We strongly recommend it to professional users.

With a maximum torque of 180 ft-lb, this tool really packs a punch. The tool can take on a wide range of heavy-duty work. It has a low profile design which allows you to reach seemingly impossible nooks and crannies and work precisely. The model is also lightweight, thus will not add excessive weight to your toolbox or bag.

With this model, you do not have to worry about fatigued hands. Firstly, the body is designed to keep ergonomics in mind. As a result, it is incredibly easy to hold and operate. Furthermore, the trigger is very sensitive and effective, so you do not need to exert pressure in order to get the wrench to work.

As for speed, this product has a speed of 7,100 revolutions per minute. Overall, this product is highly recommended to professional users. The price tag is justified by the performance and quality of the tool.

Ingersoll Rand 2015MAX 3/8” Hammerhead


  • Low profile, easier to reach tight spots
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can withstand heavy-duty work
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Efficient and sensitive trigger


  • Expensive

4. Makita XLT02 18V LXT Angle Impact Wrench Kit: Best for Prolonged Usage

Very often, a right angle drill may start malfunctioning after long hours of use. They tend to overheat easily and lead to the premature retirement of the tool. Our second to last recommendation has been designed to battle this exact product – and its ability to do so makes it one of our favorites.

Incredibly designed computer controls allow the battery and the tool to communicate and prevent not only over-heating but also over-discharging and overloading. By automatically stopping the tool in these conditions, you can enjoy a longer lifespan and usage period from the product.

Additionally, the body of the tool has an ergonomic design. The grip is soft, along with an each-to-reach paddle switch. These two features allow you to keep your hand in a comfortable position at all times. Furthermore, it weighs only 3.9 lbs. which means the weight of the unit will not cause fatigue either.

For your convenience, a built-in LED has been included. It will help you keep the workspace illuminated properly. The battery on this product is also fast charging, meaning you do not have to go too long between uses. This is a highly recommended model for assembly, automotive use, roofing, and several other tasks.

Makita XLT02 18V LXT Angle Impact Wrench Kit


  • Lightweight
  • Built-in LED
  • Ergonomic design, reduces fatigue
  • Fast charging features
  • Prevents over-heating, overloading and over-discharging


  • Not too durable

5. Milwaukee 2564-20 M12 FUEL Right Angle Impact Wrench: Best for Power

If you are looking for the most powerful model on the market, our last recommendation is the answer to all your problems. With a nut busting torque of 220 ft-lbs, this is definitely one of the most exceptional options on the market. Despite being so powerful, it is not an overkill – let us see why.

Firstly, this Milwaukee tool comes with an auto-shutoff mode which eliminates any possibility of over-tightening. Thus, even if you are a beginner, this feature will prevent you from making potential mistakes. Moreover, the tool has features that prevent it from overheating or becoming overloaded, all the while delivering top performance.

This wrench has a long design that allows the head to reach narrow areas. Besides the long body, the head of the tool is also smaller, which allows it to reach tight spaces easily. A built-in LED light will also enable you to see the workspace clearly, no matter how small or badly lit it may be.

Thanks to the rubber over-molding, the body of the tool is quite comfortable to hold. This also acts like a protective coating that prevents the body from being exposed to corrosive material.

As for other features, this model includes a very useful friction ring. We believe users of several expertise levels can greatly benefit from this model.

Milwaukee 2564-20 M12 FUEL Right Angle Impact Wrench


  • Prevents over tightening
  • Separate bolt removal mode
  • LED light
  • Rubber overmold
  • Long profile for easy reach


  • Design does not feel ergonomic
  • Overheats sometimes

6. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1838: Best for Overall Build Quality

Though there are plenty of units out there, not all of them have a proper build quality. However, that is not the case for this offering from Astro Pneumatic.

First of all, the overall unit features a construction of high-quality materials. Such materials make it achieve a higher overall build quality. And thanks to that, it is going to last for a long amount of time without showing any issues.

Additionally, the unit integrates state-of-the-art technologies. Those are going to offer uncompromising overall performance. Working with it for different tasks will be just like taking a walk in the park. Also, the unit has a small and compact form factor. It has a credit-card-like size, which makes it highly portable.

Apart from being just portable, the small size of the unit is going to make it easier to store. The overall length of the tool is just 3.46 inches. So, there will be no need to sacrifice too much space to store it. Also, for having 415 feet per pound of maximum torque level, it will be easier to carry out heavy-duty tasks.

The unit also has an extended right-angle neck. This specific design will make it easier to get the tool into confined spaces.

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1838


  • Has a praiseworthy build quality
  • Offers good overall performance
  • Features a 415 feet per pound torque rating
  • Small and easy to store
  • Boasts a right-angle neck


  • The trigger is a bit finicky

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Now that you have seen the six best models on the market let us give you some important pointers which will help you identify with right angle impact wrenches that are perfect for you.

Power and Torque

Torque, or turning power, determines how easily the tool can do the task at hand. The torque will also decide whether the wrench is able to take on heavy-duty tasks or not. Furthermore, you have to decide you want to be able to control the torque.

In order to choose the correct power or torque, you must evaluate the nature of the projects you will be taking up. For instance, a DIY enthusiast can make do with lower torque than automotive professionals.


Profile refers to the length or width of the model. The profile of a model can influence your comfort as well as your ability to complete the task at hand. Longer and thinner wrenches can reach into more narrow areas.

Those with smaller hands may prefer a slimmer wrench than those who are comfortable holding larger models. When it comes to the profile, personal preference will come into play.


Weight will not only determine how comfortable the wrench is for you to hold for hours, but it will also decide if the model is convenient to carry. Too heavy models can be quite a hassle to carry in tool bags and boxes.

They can also cause fatigue in the hands after use. It is important to know how much weight you are willing to carry while working or while transporting tools. Remember that a higher weight does not automatically mean the model was constructed with better materials!

Power Source

For heavy-duty tasks, you will need larger voltages, whereas smaller voltages will suffice for less intense tasks like DIY or light woodwork.

Grip and Ergonomics

It is safe to assume that you will be holding the wrench in your hands for a while. Thus, it is key that the wrench is comfortable for you to hold. This is why we highly recommend that you purchase an ergonomically designed model. It will take a lot of the pressure off your hands.

Additionally, ensure that the trigger and variable speed lever (if any) are placed in a way that’s convenient for you to reach. You will find that the day flies by faster when you do not feel fatigued by your power tools.

Right Angle Impact or Cordless Ratchet – What’s the Difference?

In a market brimming with different power tools, it is understandable for novices and fairly seasoned handymen alike to get confused between the uses for each tool. Thus, we dedicate a section to help you understand the difference between a cordless ratchet and a right angle impact.


Right-angle impact wrenches are great for fasteners – bolts, lug nuts, and so on can be removed, tightened, or loosened from a frozen state using this tool. On the other hand, cordless ratchets are very popular in the automotive industry for repair work and maintenance.


From just looking at the two tools, we can conclude that cordless ratchets are slimmer than right angle impact wrenches. The ratchet would perhaps be better for working on hard-to-reach areas of the project. Some impact wrenches also come in a far bulkier design, like an air impact wrench.


Impact wrenches offer higher torque than ratchets do. Thus, if you were to purchase a tool for heavy-duty tasks for even professional projects, you would be better off purchasing a right-angle impact wrench.


Despite having higher torque, a disadvantage of an impact wrench is that it does not give you much control over the torque. The ratchet, on the other hand, despite having lower torque, offers more precision. Beginners would be best off with a cordless ratchet to warm up to such power tools.


The socket used by the two types is also different. Cordless ratchets can use regular sockets, whereas a wrench would need impact sockets to work properly.

Does Dewalt make a right angle impact wrench?

Yes, Dewalt makes the right angle impact range that works well with corded and cordless models. They ensure variables, speed, torque, and power. Impact ranges by Dewalt are reliable and robust.

Dewalt’s right-angle impact range provides excellent performance. It ensures flexible accessibility to its users for close-quarter fastening and drilling applications because of its front-to-back footprints and metal gear case designing features.

Are right Angle drills useful?

Yes, the right angle drills are worth using for many good reasons. 

  • They function much like the standard drill, except the head feature is set at the right angle. 
  • Because of the right angle, they are helpful for any DIY projects such as plumbing and construction projects in tight spaces.
  • Right angle drill allows you to access the tight spaces for drilling, such as areas behind the joists or beams. 
  • They come with high-speed, powerful motors that ensure the provision of high torque. 
  • You can also remove its drive head for a chunk to make it sound like the standard drill, making it versatile. 
  • When the spaces are too tight and the right angle drive head is not working well you can add more extensions. 
  • The remarkable thing about the right angle drill is that it is easy to control because of the best grip and trigger features.

What is a right angle impact drill used for?

Right angle drills are used for versatile options. They are found useful for DIY projects where you need the drilling machine to access the too-tight spaces. Right angle impact drills are widely used in the construction and plumbing industry.

Some of the most used projects by right-angle drills are floor joists, screwing at tight places, and screwing inside the cabinets. You can use it anywhere in too tight spaces where the standard drill is not performing well.

Can you drill with a right angle attachment?

Yes, right-angle attachments are helpful for every project when the project is needed to be done at very tight corners. In all of the spaces where angles are awkward to work, right-angle attachments are used for drilling at this space.

Generally, drill angles are 118 or 135 degrees, but you need to drill at the right angle in some spaces. In such spaces, standard drill machines flopped, and only right angle drill attachments are helpful to finish the jobs.

What is a good torque for an impact wrench?

We all prefer the high torque wrench to make our drilling job easier. When it comes to a right angle impact wrench, the amount of torque should be between 1500-1800 for good performance. If your impact wrench provides torque between that ranges, you will easily get 95 % of the jobs done.

But if you need more torque impact wrench also facilitates you because of its powerful three-speed motor system. The high torque requiring jobs like the screwing for socket adapter needs an impact wrench to get the job done efficiently.

Why choose a cordless right angle impact wrench?

A Cordless right angle impact wrench is more valuable than a corded wrench because of its flexible use. You do not need to connect them with a power supply or wall socket, making them feasible for many projects. 

It will be helpful when you need to work in spaces where no electricity is available; when you need to work in too tight spaces with no electricity, then a cordless right angle impact range should be your choice.

How do you use DeWalt’s right angle?

Drilling at the right angle is not easier, but Dewalt right angle impact wrench makes it a lot easier.

  • Choose the required diameter for the final hole
  • Drill a hole at 90 degrees; makes sure it should be shallow
  • If the needed switch to the larger bit
  • Drill the final hole at the right angle

Does a right angle have to be 90 degrees?

Yes, the right angle always is equal to 90 degrees. The right angle can never be other than 90 degrees. Because the angle less than or greater than 90 degrees will be obtuse but not the right angle. The right angle will always be 90 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap up, we would like to answer any further questions you may have. Answered below are some of the most common questions regarding impact wrenches and related tools.

Can impact wrenches remove lug nut?

Yes, impact wrenches are great for removing lug nuts. You may also use torque wrenches for lug nuts; however, we recommend purchasing one tool that can do a multitude of tasks. This way, you always get your money’s worth!

What kind of wrenches need to be used to change tires?

Lug wrenches are great for changing tires. You may also use a cordless impact wrench for changing tires.

How is an impact socket different from a regular socket?

Impact sockets are made with softer steel. This allows the socket to handle impact better as it molds and bends around pressure, rather than breaking or splitting as a result of it. Regular sockets are likely to break if used with tools that require impact sockets.

Should I use any protective gear?

Protective gear must be used with all power tools. Thick gloves, goggles, and ear protection are the basic protective items you should be wearing for any tool of such nature.

Final Words

We hope you will find the best right angle impact wrench for you from our list of recommendations. If you choose to purchase an item outside the list, the buying guide will be of great help.

The market for power tools can be incredibly difficult to navigate. With so many tools that look similar and intimidating – some doing seemingly the same task – it is natural for users for all expertise levels to get confused. However, we hope our comprehensive guide has helped clear the confusion.



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